Software Failure

After my post yesterday I would just like to add:  (And this is my take on it)

The trouble for some of us is that Husband 1.0 crashed after being infected by the vicious virus Other Woman 10.7.  This resulted in Dithering 4.5, Fear 2.0, Cruelty 6.2, Separation 2.1.2 and finally Divorce 2.1, a very expensive software package resulting in severe loss of Finances 8.2..

A complete rebuild of the system is then required.  Various packages are available to bring about a clean bill of health, including Keeping Busy 8.1, Internet Dating 4.0, Counselling 1.2, Life Coaching 1.1, Blogging 2.0 and Keeping Sense of Humour 10.2.

All I can say I’m going to take time before I consider Husband 2.0.  It will need a lot of new applications,  have better anti-virus protection, a stronger and more robust firewall and be impervious to hacking.

5 thoughts on “Software Failure

  1. I suspect my firewall is uncrackable … Hope yours lets Perfect Life Partner 1.0 in. This item of software is irreplaceable, incorruptible and never requires updates.

  2. That is of course the fear, the only perfect security is complete security. Nothing in and nothing out.
    Can any operating system work like that?

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