The round-robin rollercoaster of others’ lives!

One of the more unexpected joys of Christmas is the enjoyable dreadful round-robin letters which fall out of Christmas Cards!

Gone are the days when people scrawled a few cheerful words.  Now they’ve all become PC experts and ‘hang the cost of ink cartridge and paper’ off they go on a marathon of Too Much Information which is really only exciting to them!

My friends appear to have got through the stage of what their  wonderful  lovely nausiatingly bright children have been doing and now appear to be brightning their lives with stays in various hospitals around the country, embarking on a series of unmentionable operations on bits of them I’d prefer not to become so intimately acquainted with!

A pity their innards didn’t remain mystical and unmentioned!

Having ploughed my way through yet another host of excitement medical detail involving every bit of anatomy I was cheered by this spoof take on this popular sport from a fellow UK blogger

Thank you for the giggle – it’s worth every word!!

4 thoughts on “The round-robin rollercoaster of others’ lives!

  1. I limit myself to a few cheery words, keeping those ‘unmentionable body problems’ to myself! Of course, I’m too lazy to do more and extremely glad – as others must be – that I am… Two such letters arrived on Friday. I still haven’t read them, but my daughter has because of their excruciatingly nauseous contents. However, these letters did trigger much conversation on what prompts people to write them, so in a way they have served a purpose, although not one of enlightenment.

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