Christmas Time

That time of year when we throw ourselves into an overindulgence of buying, eating, drinking and forced jollity(?).

I’ve organised my time to be peaceful.  I’m going to friends on Christmas Afternoon. Otherwise I shall be on my own from tomorrow until I return to work on 3 January!  Now this may sound over solitary!  But I have 6 life coaching books to get through and I know I shall get invited to the odd (or even) meal during the break.  I might even bestir myself and invite people round.

As for presents – I really must do some shopping!  I plan to arrive in town very early tomorrow as the shops open and ‘go for it’! 

I wish all my blogging friends a great festive break.  May you all have peace and plenty and all the happiness and cheer you all so richly deserve.  May your wishes all come true!  And to Morning Wood I just say thank you for your wonderful, moving post today – you made me smile, you made me cry and you reminded me what Christmas is really about.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Time

  1. I read Morning Wood’s post, and think this is one of the kindest, simplest gestures I’ve come across in a long time. Let there be a God (and not a rabbit called God) who will give recompense to MW.

    We shall be doing more or less the same as you over the Christmas hols. No engagements except for 31st when a certain Gentleman will be visiting… You can be assured there WILL be invites to an odd/even meal!

  2. Oh for the solitariness Caroline! I will only have little pockets of it over the next two weeks, but they will be treasured – as will the “un-solitary” times!
    Have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the odd and even social occasions and here’s to 2012 being an “open door” kind of year!

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