Telephone Calls, Turkey and TV

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday, dear reader!  I did.  I had a lie in.  I studied (I think it’s becoming an obsession!)  and then I went to friends for a late lunch, played with their 7 month old granddaughter. The day drifted happily into an afternoon of playing games and watching strange programmes on TV – those ones especially reserved for Christmas day viewing!!

And I didn’t bolt!!

So this year was better than last, which was better than the one before!  Small steps!

A great friend of mine  who became world champion glider pilot many years ago, said the art of winning was not to look back.  Not wishing you’d taken that extra thermal or extra 100 feet or so to gain that little bit more height.  Because as he so succinctly put it:

The situation you’re in is the situation you’re in.

And the only way to keep airborne is to deal with the situation you’re in there and then, and not waste one moment of brain power or energy wishing you’d done something different before.  Use the knowledge you have and the knowledge you’ve just gained as a positive, and with that new found knowledge and your ability,  concentrate on dealing with your NOW, to keep in the air and keep moving forward and this time in the next thermal climb a few more 100 feet  so you can improve your chances of winning.

So dear reader may you pull on the resources and brilliant ability within you to fly your own particular course and win your personal competition.

4 thoughts on “Telephone Calls, Turkey and TV

  1. Thanks for reminding me Caroline!
    And, also remember that two negatives add up to a positive; and two positives are still two positives!
    Looking forward: your brilliant ability will provide you with many fantastic opportunities, so keep going!

  2. Oh and I forgot to add I had a really sensible phone call with my older brother! Sometimes we actually manage to communicate OK! He actually listened to what I had to say for once!! Amazing!

    • We all find it difficult, especially at this time of year. Well actually if I’m honest it is so easy to have a nostalgic look back and wish things were different. But any small thing one can do to look forward, to focus on the future. All the little things add up to bigger things….

      To everyone I say Good Luck

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