We’re all chums when the Mayor comes

I may have mentioned this before and if I have then sorry!  I can’t be bothered to trawl back through all my posts to find which one it might be in (possibly amongst some comments somewhere!)

Anyway, I am – for reasons that currently escape me – participating in the local production of the pantomime Dick Whittington  this year as part of the chorus.  A pantomime which has scope for plenty of double meanings – well smut really!

So being a stalwart lot we threw ourselves into the line:

We’re all chums when the Mayor comes

until that is I failed to keep a straight face and  got the giggles and it was pointed out to the director of the pantomime that perhaps this was just something she might want to change!

With a flourish she amended it to

We all cheer as dick is here

Which reduced the chorus to hysterics.

So, sadly for the residents of our village we are now singing

We all cheer as the mayor is here.

so no possibility of smut there then!!

I see my role in the chorus as one specifically designed to upstage the main characters and possibly to make them forget their lines!

My role in the harem scene is something I will leave to your imagination.  Suffice it to say I refuse to reveal my midriff – on the grounds that too many pensioners might suffer!

I really must get round to learning the words to all the songs though!!……..

5 thoughts on “We’re all chums when the Mayor comes

  1. I thought the first version of the line was best! The double entrendres are the thing that makes an Xmas panto into something fun for the adults as well as the (innocent) kids. Shame that some Miss Giggly changed it to something staid! 🙂

    I assume your next post will include a photo of said midriff for blog community review and approval?

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