Don’t shoot the taxi driver!

I thought I’d start 2012 with an amusing newspaper cutting!

This is from the letters page of the Namibian (one of their daily, national newspapers) in 2006 – the last time Alex and I visited the country – and which has  me giggling every time I read it:

The entire letter is a joy to read – from the unnecessary detail of the make of taxi to the exact information of where he was sitting!! I just love it!

3 thoughts on “Don’t shoot the taxi driver!

  1. LOL Caroline 🙂
    As a “professional” taxi driver, maybe I should respond …
    Perhaps a reminder that the taxi driver has control of the steering wheel, the accelerator and the brake …
    I think I want to change location and start up business in Namibia – sounds like I would get the opportunity to rally drive a bit more??

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