Hypnosis is fascinating

Well I’ve always reckoned that hypnosis works on other people but not on me.

This is based on not one shred of evidence one way or the other as, to my knowledge, I’ve never been hypnotized!

A few months ago Stephen (LC) informed his blog followers of this resource (click).  I read the list and then did nothing about it.

Well on this new found ‘mission’ I seem to be on to learn all I can about Life Coaching,  I decided that I should find out more.

Ooh err.  I’ve listened to one download twice now – both times with a determination to hear it all the way through without ‘nodding off’ so to speak.  And damn it twice now I’ve ‘woken up’ on being told to do so.

And I can’t tell you for the life of me where the 25 minutes went to!!

Now they may work for you and there again they may not.  But for the minimal cost they are it’s worth a try!

Did the one I chose work – well much as I find it strange to admit it I think the answer could be yes!

Have fun!!

3 thoughts on “Hypnosis is fascinating

  1. The same happens with me during the guided meditation classes I attend. At a certain point in the meditation I just ‘go away’. I always manage to return when we are told we are coming back to the start point, but when we discuss our journeys afterwards there is always a huge chunk that I have missed. Weird!

    The hypnosis looks interesting, I may try one or two myself. x

  2. I went to a hypnotist once–actually for three sessions. I’m not sure if she wasn’t very good or if I wasn’t a good subject but it didn’t do a thing for me. I think I got more from a book I have on self-hypnosis. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of being hypnotized. I had a teacher in high school who hypnotized himself before having medical or dental procedures. He swore by it. Said he had a tooth extracted once and didn’t even bleed. I think that’s awesome.

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