A new set of “Hows” and “Whys”?

How I’ve shouted those words into the ether for the last three years and not got any answers. Well it would have been a miracle if I had!  Linked as they were to someone who was not in earshot so couldn’t hear!  And don’t get me wrong I still get times when the questions come back and haunt me floating as they do in the recesses of my mind – ready to rush to the fore should I lower my guard!

Now I have added a whole new set of Hows Hows which are much more future focused (so keep the other ones at bay!),  useful ones to ask as they will help me in my studies.

Hows – as in How did he do that and obtain this result?

How does he know which route to use?

And Whys – as in Why did I respond to some parts of the Life Coaching better than others?

Added to this I have a myriad of questions (all written down in a little book) on all that I’m reading and wanting to understand more fully!

I realise I do understand quite a lot!  Much to my joy, I’ve helped a girlfriend living nearby, with an issue she was battling with. From being stuck she’s now ‘flying’.   I don’t know who got the greater buzz – her or me!

I also know going on the courses are a great starting point, the building blocks, of what I want to do.  I wonder, and hope, we get practical sessions!

I also think I’m going to need to find myself a mentor!  Oops more cost!!

4 thoughts on “A new set of “Hows” and “Whys”?

  1. Sounding very positive, which is great.

    As they say, you have to speculate to acumulate. So I am sure with the right mentor the time and the money will be rewarded many times over.

  2. Well there’s no turning back now!! And I wouldn’t want to! It’s far too interesting.

    Scarey though! I don’t want to let anyone down – and I include myself in that!!

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