Salt in the Wound!

I follow Stephen’s blog!

But posts like this one do rather rub salt into the wound.

Don’t get me wrong I’m really pleased for them and it’s wonderful to read how some couples ‘go the distance’ and re-discover the passion,  but I also do get a rather heavy dose of “why couldn’t we have taken that route!”  Especially when I think how Alex dithered, apologised and said all the caring things he did…….   sometimes it just is a bit of a bugger!!

It’s OK I’m not running for my Chilean Mine.  I’m sad of course but actually what I’d really  like to do right now, is to beat the living daylights out of Alex  – possibly with one of the heavier life coaching tomes I’m reading at the moment!!

In the meantime life continues to throw excitement my way.  My main PC’s harddrive died earlier this week and, naturally, I hadn’t backed up the data for a while!  The PC has been condemned by my IT  wizard at work so a new one is now winging its way towards me courtesy of my credit card!   My TV has taken a unilateral decision not to allow me to watch BBC2, insisting that BBC1 is preferable – so just changes channels every 30 seconds!

I’m off on my first NLP course this afternoon, having survived a tetchy Panto rehearsal last night where the director wound herself into a frenzy of fury at our efforts in the interminable first Act. She said she pitied the audience – well on that count I agree with her, it goes on forever!! Actually treating us as adults and discussing the issues would have been far more beneficial for everyone as we wouldn’t have ignored her and she wouldn’t have sent her blood pressure into the stratosphere!!  But hey, darlings, not so much ‘fun’!

Act 2 is better – mainly because its funnier, shorter, and, of course, us ladies all dress up as slave girls in our harem costumes  – though 2 girls insisted on wearing  vests under their costumes which gave a rather quaint and unsexy look to their midriffs!  This of course enraged the director!  It’s also slightly worrying that the Sultan’s harem  range in age from 16 to 60 but who cares!!

We also have a leading girl who is – how can I put it – in need of dieting – to the point that she looks as though the principal boy has already had his wicked way….  if you follow me!!

This Panto could be funny for all the wrong reasons!!

5 thoughts on “Salt in the Wound!

  1. (Tongue firmly planted in cheek)
    A book is really not a good tool for beating the living daylights out of anyone, Caroline! Try a sledgehammer, a spade (very useful as it can be adapted for grave-digging duties also), knuckledusters …
    Computer-age Rule No 1: Always back up and your computer will never fail. Never back up and it will invariably fail.
    As far as pantos go, I think half the “fun” for the audience is heckling, isn’t it? Fun for cast members is ad libbing in response – and moving away from the script so that the director’s blood pressure remains constantly high rather than fluctuating!
    (Tongue not returned to normal position)
    All the very best wishes for a fantastic learning experience at the NLP course!

  2. The computer thing is a double hit – who is in charge of IT where I work – me. Who regularly ticks of staff for not backing up laptops – me! Who should practice what she preaches…………….!!!!

    Totally agree about the panto btw!! I see the role of the chorus to upstage everyone at all times and preferably cause the main characters to panic!! Thus ensuring we look better than we really are!

  3. I wouldn’t inflict that damage on a book Caroline! Whatever are you thinking of? I read a short story a long while ago which has stuck in my head and may prove useful in this circumstance. The main character beat her husband to death with a frozen leg of lamb, then roasted it and fed it to the investigating officers. Just saying . . . ;~)

    Computers were invented to keep us on our toes and let’s be fair, it works! Financial constraints notwithstanding, you will be glad of it when it’s delivered.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the first day of NLP, and whether the tutor has the high blood pressure problem when you’re done asking your squillion questions! Enjoy!

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