The NLP Course – so far so good!

So here I am eating my sandwich and sitting in my miniscule hotel room  – which actually couldn’t be smaller if it tried.  Cats and no swinging come to mind!   Not that I’ve actually ever tried to swing a cat!  And the soundproofing between rooms is – well how can I put it – non existent!

Decision taken:  I shan’t be staying here for the course I’m on in March.  OK for one night.  NOT OK for 15!!

Now about the course.  It’s good so far! There are 12 of us and two presenters.  Out of the 12, two people are asking most of the questions and also supplying most of the responses to those posed by the presenters.  So that’s me and one other!!

Anyway so far I’ve understood everything. Which is in itself cheering!! And it’s been good fun.  I particularly liked the exercise where they put us in two groups and we each had to take it in turns to say one thing about ourselves and then repeat the one thing each of the others in the group had said. Then on the 2nd time round add a new bit of information and again repeat everything each of the others had said.  We got up to 5 pieces of information each and the class clever clogs (me!) reeled off all of it about all of us without hesitation. Which is more than the others could do!!!  Pat on the back to me!  I fear I have a competitive streak!!!  I just didn’t want to be the worst!

Anyway that’s all for now.  I will write more tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “The NLP Course – so far so good!

        • Yes I have and it’s all consuming which is amazing! I really feel passionate about it! In fact I wish I didn’t have to go to work! But then there are all those potential practice clients at work on whom I can try out all I’m learning!!

          I just wish “He” was at home for me to share all this with. In fact that is the tough bit! There are only a couple of my friends who are sufficiently comfortable within themselves to embrace what I am doing and egg me on! Thank god for them!

          One really close friend is finding it very very difficult and has been very dismissive which is sad. Actually this says more about her and her own insecurities than me!

          • Caroline!

            I loved this post and these follow up comments have set my fingers flying… A couple of things spring to my mind… Hello!!! Potential, grateful, and a true (practice) test of a LC’s abilities, if a bit reserved, right here! ANNNDD…. (By no means is this next statement to belittle the relationship you had, or the depth of feeling you feel in relation to not having “him” to share it with. I can’t imagine what that is like, and I won’t pretend to.)
            I understand the inherent sadness of wanting to share something with someone that no longer wants to share it with you… But you have shared it with all of us!! And made me smile in the reading. Your words are dripping with passion and pride! I find myself asking, even with all the years, kilometers and experiences between us, and even with all your years, and experiences with him, if perhaps some of these people know you a bit differently and deeply because of the journey you have brought us all on?
            Just some late night thoughts from across the pond!
            Sweet dreams!
            – S.

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