The end of a really interesting day!

Now I could tell you all about what I  learnt yesterday – but I’m not going to!!

The course re-affirmed a lot of what I’d read.  The presenters also demonstrated various techniques which I remembered Stephen using – so there were a few deja vu moments!!

Lots of fascinating stuff.

The bizarre result though was last night’s dreams.  Very disturbing, unsettling and very vivid  It was as though all my senses had been re-awakened.  Irritatingly they all involved Alex in one way or another.  I woke up several times and was so certain they were real I turned to wake him or hug him next to me.  Which of course is not the case. So several very  tough times through the night.

Now that was not what I was expecting.  But clearly some of the exercises we did yesterday triggered something within me.  Maybe something which I still need to address – who knows.

Anyway just as well I am fully occupied today.  The final Panto rehearsals will keep my mind on other things.

6 thoughts on “The end of a really interesting day!

  1. I used to keep a little notepad by the bed and write stuff down about what had woken me. Just bullet points. It helped me get back to sleep because, like you I saw the dreams as something I hadn’t addressed and so subconsciously was trying to remember things as I was also trying to fall asleep – not a good combination. The little notepad helped me feel I had put things to one side, whilst still hanging on to them. Good luck with the show. Let us know how it all goes.

    • I think the things I covered in the day brought some stuff back to the surface. One of those issues is being over flexible and I think I spent some of Saturday wondering if things could have been different for a multitude of reasons. If I stick to my values I tend to sleep better!!

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