I’ve fallen in love…

Well that hopefully got your attention dear reader.  I wish I could say I’d fallen in love with a lovely sexy man who had fallen for me!!  Not the case!  And at this rate that looks a long way off – given the total failure of the 2 internet dating sites I’m currently on.  I think it’s an age thing!  Other people seem to get dates all the time – but they’re all younger than me!!  I don’t even get any messages!  Which is somewhat sad and marginally distressing!

So for now I’ve fallen in love with all my text books!  I have a reading list which is somewhat lengthy!  And I want to get through most of it by the time I reach the 2 week course in March. The other thing I have to do is negotiate myself into some decent accommodation that isn’t going to bankrupt me!

So for now I appear to be in love with the printed word.

Roll on the day when some super male discovers me!!

9 thoughts on “I’ve fallen in love…

  1. I got so excited there when your post popped up on my screen I had to leave the essay I was writing (that MUST be in tomorrow!) and come and read :lol:. Hey there are worst things to fall in love with. You sound so enthused about your studies, it’s wonderful. I’m pleased it’s going so well. As for that super male – who knows in this age of equality it may be YOU who discovers him – we’ll be waiting for that post too. 😉 Good luck with the reading.

  2. Seriously – books are actually more reliable, more portable, and more willing to entertain you when you can’t sleep or are stuck somewhere boring – enjoy your new love!

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