Some awarding thoughts

Mature Student Hanging in there has just passed on The lovely Blog Award for which I’m truly touched and honoured and  have had a real positive buzz from.

Positive buzzes are so important in life.  Especially when times are tough and we are faced with all those dreadful doubts.  So easy to say “I’m no good at  x,y,z”  when actually we should be saying “I’m not good at x,y,z YET“. Adding YET changes the focus completely.  The first statement is limiting the second is not.

As one of the books I’m reading at the moment points out:  “Problem thinking makes the problem even harder to solve”  (Joseph O’Connor – NLP Workbook)

How often do any of us admit to our limitations (thus confirming them in our fickle brains) when actually it would be far more empowering to admit to everyone we CAN do something and add the YET to those we can’t.  And if people accuse you of a lack of modesty that’s their problem not yours!!

Children don’t spend their time apologising for things they can’t do – they spend their time learning.  Who told us as adults we had to give up????

So thank you Mature Student for passing on this lovely award.

Here are my nominations:

Counting Ducks – for making me think and  laugh – not to mention how much I am in awe of your wonderful skill as a writer.

I know this little road – for your humorous take on life’s ups and downs

Back on My Own – for being the inspiration that you are

Morning Wood – for your outrageous posts which I just love

Now is Good – for having a positive title for her blog and writing so clearly about her challenges

3 thoughts on “Some awarding thoughts

  1. Aaah, I need to pass this one on too! But your post is true, let’s celebrate what we’re good at. And you are a gem at offering helpful thoughts and support. xx

  2. Thank you, Caroline, for your kind words and nomination. I think of you as my inspiration and I’m grateful we found each other.

    I so glad you wrote about the positives of blog awards. You’re right–we all need all the positives we can get. Especially those of us who have suffered some hard knocks.

    Daughter #1, who is also a blogger (an awesome one), was here this morning and we discussed blogger awards and their pros and cons. I was explaining to her that I think maybe I’m just lazy, but for me it’s another obligation that causes me to feel pressured. That being the case, I shy away from them. I tend to pressure myself already just to come up with two or three posts a week.

    I love blogging and “meeting” other bloggers and learning about people from all over the world. I enjoy reading and commenting, and knowing that some of you are reading what I have to say. And I guess the best of the best of blogging is receiving so many wise comments and incredible support. When my divorce “hit” I felt as if my voice had been taken away. Writing and having you read and care about what I write has given it back. Thank you.

    I didn’t intend to write so much in this space but It’s important to me to explain my feelings as well as I can so that you don’t think I’m shrugging off a compliment. I’ll take all the compliments I can get. xxxx Pat

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