Let’s look at things differently!

Yesterday evening was busy!  I had French to go to and due to various things scuppering my departure from work I shot through the door of my cottage somewhat late, keen to get something to eat, check my mediocre attempt at my homework and appear bright-eyed and attentive at my tutor’s door.

Not to be!!  First I had a neighbour ring up to find out about the current status of the landlord and the other half of the warring couple.  I find it fascinating how people just see others’ actions so superficially.  They don’t think any deeper as to why a certain behaviour is manifesting itself.  In the case of the wife she does yell a great deal.  This was really bugging my neighbour.  However when I pointed out that she probably learnt this behaviour from her parents, who are notorious for shouting, not listening to others’ points of view and generally known for being difficult, he did concede I could well have a point and perhaps a more generous view to her predicament would be kinder.

No sooner had I dealt with that, than said landlord appeared at my door!  Clearly now free from incarceration at Her Majesty’s Pleasure!  So  I then had to listen to the outpourings of his experience! However I stopped him in his tracks as he  embarked on a monologue of all the past problems, by suggesting he looked at things differently, put the experience behind him and started planning his future with an eye on working out what he really wanted to do with his life rather than sticking with more of the same, which he conceded wasn’t making him exactly happy! 

He started to cheer up!! 

Perhaps I am going to be good at this life coaching business.  I seemed to brighten two people’s evenings – and I did make it to French class – just – though the homework remained decidedly mediocre!!

Now all I need is someone to brighten mine!!  No I don’t!  I’m in charge of my bright future!  It isn’t the responsibility of anyone but me.  And my new partner, when he appears, will fall in love with me because he wants to join in!!


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