chinese water torture…….

I trundled off to camera club last night to meet up with my great friend, with whom I was doing half-time tea/coffee duty!  This is not popular duty with many of the members.  Though not an onerous task it does intrude on the evening!  And has an air of mediocrity as we use cheap plastic cups and plastic holders!  I’m not sure how things could be improved – all I know is they need to be!  It’s a cheap solution – and it looks it!

But I digress. The evening’s entertainment was a presentation from a photographer on birds and animals of Southern Africa.  Now this is a ‘dangerous’ topic for me. Given that Alex and I spent so many holidays in the area.  Seeing the photos of the places and wildlife was wonderful but at the same time like some sort of chinese water torture!  The steady drip-drip of reminders…..   I became mesmerised by the ‘horror’ of my situation as my happy past unfolded in front of me – unable to look away, longing to see more and yet wanting to run!

So I am somewhat pleased with myself that I (a) didn’t bolt!  (b) enjoyed the evening and (c) didn’t even cry when I got home!  In fact I remained reasonably in control of my emotions!

I progress, dear reader, I progress!!

3 thoughts on “chinese water torture…….

  1. It’s surreal isn’t it? My whole house has that drip problem and I also have holidays through Africa as reminders. We drove all the way from Congo/DRC, through Zambia, Botswana, Namibia back home to SA, one year. I can’t actually look at any of the photos yet.

    I’m busy making my own African holidays happen. Last year I went to Mozambique/Vilanculos by myself. I highly recommend the experience.

  2. Ah – similar experiences – Botswana, Namibia, SA…. Wonderful memories.

    I need to do the same – start creating new memories – hopefully soon I’ll be able to

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