Hypnosis – now there’s a thought!

I’ve just been giving this another ‘go’.  When I bought a couple of the downloads as mp3s the other day I also got ‘given’ a free download on Self-hypnosis!

Well I tucked myself up in bed (OK I know it was early – 7.30pm! – but I thought I better be comfortable!), clicked on the download and as it were, did as I was bid!

I remember concentrating and focusing on the object and not feeling at all as if my eyelids were getting heavy – in fact I had to make a conscious effort to shut them.  I listened to another 30 seconds or so and then discovered the download had stopped – no sound at all just silence!  So I clicked on Play again and followed the instructions again. Same result.

Except it’s now 8.30pm!!!  So I appear to have lost an hour.  And I’ve just realised that the download had stopped playing because it had got to the end.

Now the question is – did I fall asleep.  Or did I go into the deep trance that was suggested.  And as I can’t remember a thing about it I have no idea!

It’s all very interesting!   I wonder what effect this is going to have!

I think the only way I’m going to actually find out more is by downloading the actual scripts as clearly the mp3 download works too well!!

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