So today has started well!  Always worth counting the positives!

First and foremost:  The main part of my Dad’s house has sold!  Phew!  Means we can pay the tax bill being inflicted on us for inheriting at the end of this month – rather close that – they charge for not meeting the deadline – even if it’s by a day!

It also means I’ll get some cash – which I rather need as my savings have just run out!

Secondly:  I’ve found somewhere to stay for my NLP course which won’t cost me anything as I’m staying with friends who live nearby!  So that’s saved me near-on £1K! 

So even though I woke up in one of my “Life’s surreal and shouldn’t be like this” moods and angsts (not to mention all the other past rubbish I stupidly decided to feed myself.  Most of which I am sure you can guess, dear reader)  – all of which took rather too long to shift – things have been looking up in the last few hours!

3 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Mazel Tov, I know you have been working hard to get the old place ready for sale. Sounds like things are moving along nicely in the NLP program as well. What a different person you you are these days. You seem so solid and ready for anything, I applaud you. Take care C. AJ

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