Why Blog?

So why do bloggers blog and what do we expect / hope from our readers?

The reasons we all blog are as diverse and as many as those on the planet!

So how do I react to comments?

Well I love comments even if some challenge my view, my behaviour, my actions.  And the securer I become the more I welcome the challenges.  Why? Because it gives me the opportunity to challenge myself and how I truly feel.  This isn’t the reason I started my blog but it’s been a great bonus – one that I didn’t expect!

If a challenging comment makes me feel defensive or angry then these days I ponder on why.  Has someone unintentionally touched a raw nerve and if so why is the nerve still raw!

Some commenters have, occasionally, told me how to think!  Well none of us are in a position to tell others how or what to think or to judge us!  But it’s always interesting to get someonelse’s take on a topic or idea, thought or action

So making one’s blog public comes at a price!  There is no such thing as a free lunch!  By inviting comments sometimes we might not like what someone writes but for me it’s a price worth paying!  Because although occasionally I’ve had the odd comment that has made me spit it has also made me think hard about how I come across to other people and to question my actions, motives, whatever.

And  then I’ve also gained a large community of friends who I otherwise wouldn’t have and that is very special to me.  You’ve given me incredible support and encouragement, dear reader.  I’ve been humbled by it all and appreciate it no end.

So blog on everyone!  I’m going to!

8 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. I was just talking about this wee community I’ve found and how special it is to me with a friend the other day. I realised before I started blogging that, particularly due to my caring commitments, I was quite isolated. I love that people like yourself blog, challenge, laugh and that there is such an opportunity for engagement, exchanging ideas, thoughts and wisdom. Yay for blogging.

  2. Great post Caroline. I think it’s really difficult to express myself accurately in writing. When I see some comments I think “My god, is that what I said?!” My first attempt at political satire, for example, with Newt and Calista. You got it. I could tell by your comment. Otherwise, I think I needed a different audience. But that’s okay. As you said in this post, it’s a great learning experience. And I agree with Jacqueline, I don’t think I realized how isolated I had become until I started blogging. Even my daughters have boldly commented, “Blogging has been good for Mom!” So, like you, I’ll keep going, remembering to “accentuate the positives” and negotiate the negatives when need be.

  3. I agree with you Caroline 100%. But I also believe that commenters need to watch their attitudes when commenting. They do not always know what a person/blogger has been through in their lives off of reading one blog. I think they should actually get to try to know a person before letting them have it. 🙂

    I understand that sometimes we do not know the commenter nor do we know their personality or what they have been through in their life. I suppose sometimes we can hit a nerve with them too. 🙂

    In blogging or 4 years, I have always had my space private, because I had my little family there and did blog about some private things. I was encouraged by a close friend to open my space and try to branch out. So I did. Although I am not very good at branching out. I am more so the one that sits on the bench at the playground while the other kids have fun. Always have been. 🙂

    This is a great blog! Hoping you are having a great day!!

  4. Well I just have to say that I always look forward to and appreciate your comments, Caroline. Reading your posts often remind me of why I blog, whether it’s your intent or not! 🙂

  5. As you say the feedback is always interesting.

    Most is made with good intent, I am sure, though of course not always with the full picture.

  6. I agree with you, the effect of a virtual community, and the way comments bolster me, make me think harder or help me understand things is amazing. However, I have recently realised the price of making some of my deepest thoughts both public, and accessible to some people who know me in real life (namely my parents): They have reacted in an unsupportive way I wasn’t expecting, and it did hurt in ways I hadn’t expected either. I realised that blogging in that way had made me vulnerable, and I am currently wondering about the future of the blog altogether…
    Somehow, I am also beginning to think it’s not fair on Mr Nice that I keep blogging about him, and that people he might one day meet have read about him. He knows about the blog but doesn’t read it.
    Anyway, as you can tell, your post was very timely for me, as I have been pondering about why I blog and how recently.
    You shine like a beacon for so many of us though, don’t you stop what you’re doing, ok?!

    • A very difficult one.

      Those of my friends who know me in real life and who know about my blog know that it is how I see my life and so I believe understand and stick to the “rules”!

      None of my family know!!

      You could always export you blog to a new site so you don’t lose what you’ve already written.

      At moments when I’m down I find it very helpful to read the archive posts as it helps me see how far I’ve come!

  7. I am an introvert in that I keep everything inside and private. I did once write many of my musings but never really anything too deep or personal. Now ,I just post the odd comment, poem or picture, to keep my blog from dying completely.

    To watch someone grow, change, open up and blossom as you have over the month is such a privilege. I do ponder on some of you’re comments and they help me too, so thank you for blogging and for allowing me to be a part of you’re online life.

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