A great evening out!

I got taken out to dinner last night!

No not a date!  Don’t get too excited!

I got taken out by the directors of the catering contract I’m responsible for at work!!   I haven’t seen them for over 3 years.  They used to take Alex and me out once a year to some of the most wonderful restaurants but things being the way they have been this idea fell by the wayside.   Anyway last night the outing was resurrected!

We went to a cocktail bar first where we downed two cocktails each (no food!) then on to our local 2 star Michelin restaurant.  Great food.  More to drink.  And 3 courses!!  No cutting corners!!

Now bearing in mind, dear reader, that for the last three years I’ve by and large not consumed a lot of alcohol,  last night I consumed about 4 months worth in 4 hours!!  Bizarrely I don’t have a hangover this morning.  In fact I feel great!!

Though I have to say I’m rather glad I’m working from home today so I had a bit of a lie in!

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