Surfeit of siblings!

Now don’t get me wrong I love both my brothers!  It’s just at the moment we’re irritating each other no end!!  The death of our father (who, one presumes, art now in heaven!!!) has thrown us together much more than any of us would wish!  We are in dire need of a period of non-communication and definitely a period when we don’t have to communicate. We need to return to feeling that we are there (where-ever ‘there’ is) for each other and  that we only need to get in touch when we want to rather than the current issue where we have to!!!

Today the money for my Dad’s part of the house will wing its way to us all.  I will be handed a cheque for my share!

At this point no one could claim that the ‘dust has settled’ as this is the first transaction of 3 (there are 3 units to sell)!  But my ‘darling’ older brother has already seen fit to suggest (and I use this term kindly and with all the sisterly love I can muster) in fairly strong terms that the joint agreement between us (which we all signed and which agrees that my rent will be shared by all 3 of us until all 3 parts of the property are sold)  should now cease – with regard to the company paying my rent!

For those of you who find this statement a bit bizarre, let me explain.  2 parts of the property are owned by the 3 of us and the 3rd part was in sole ownership of me and my Ex.  To refurbish the properties ready for sale we had to have vacant possession of the entire structure.  So we had a legal document drawn up to cover my costs which would otherwise have been borne by me alone though all 3 of us would benefit from me being ‘out of the way’.

We then lumped all 3 sections together into a development company.  However each time we sell a portion of the property I get a bigger share of the profits as I put more into the deal then either of them!

Now payout time is with us this is clearly irking my older brother. Every sentence he uttered yesterday made this fairly clear!!  He is not a happy bunny!!

Anyway I remained pleasant, polite and very, very firm.  I reminded him of the agreement!!  Poor lamb he’s finding the new, confident, happy, cheerful me a little difficult to deal with. Especially when I refuse to get cross or bend to what he wants!  I will not be pressured into buying somewhere I don’t like just so he can save himself £333 per month!!!

Phew I’m so glad we had this drawn up legally!!

Roll on the time this is all over and we can all retreat to different parts of the country and ‘lick our wounds’!

7 thoughts on “Surfeit of siblings!

  1. These things are always tough but I admire your way of coping with us. Despite there being a lot of emotional stuff flying around these decisions are made not by emotions, but by the terms outlined in the legal agreement. Sounds as though your brother would do well to remember that this is a fair contract that he signed up to. You hang in there girl. 😉

  2. Oh dear…Just what you don’t need! 😦
    Well done for keeping your cool and standing your ground. Sounds like your new skills are being tested, aren’t they?

  3. Sounds as if you handled yourself with grace and aplomb. Good. Your brother should do the same.

    FYI–I have a sister who hasn’t spoken to me since Mom’s funeral. I do not know why. I used to try to call her but she wouldn’t answer. Then she changed her phone number. It’s unlisted. Sibs aren’t always fun and games. Makes me sad.

  4. These things are always too hard. Almost always some part decides that for some reason it deserves more than it`s agreed. But lucky for you, the thing is on black and white.
    Hold on and don`t step back an inch.

  5. thank you all!

    I’m holding fast! for some reason it’s my rent that’s bugging him the most right now. It’s always the little things that irritate isn’t it!!

    Hey Ho!

    I’m sure he finds me equally irritating! At least these days I don’t go into meltdown and feel a failure which is what used to happen.

    Life Coaching has worked wonders!

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