Shawshank Redemption

One of the NLP books I’m reading recommended watching this so I got it from Amazon (I do hope you all have shares in this company as I’m clearly keeping them in business) and watched it this afternoon instead of venturing out in the snow.

Britain doesn’t cope well with snow – well the South East doesn’t.  Last night we had about 4″ of the white stuff!   We are never really prepared and fail miserably to carry on as usual!!  For some bizarre reason we have to behave as if it’s all totally surprising even when we’ve been warned about it.

To emphasise the gravity of the conditions the BBC kick all their weather reporters outside so we can understand what snow looks like and see how cold they all are.  We learn at this stage that we must wrap up with coats, scarves, gloves and warm boots.  Just in case we were considering going out dressed for summer!!  We are also shown lots of pictures of no planes taking off at airports and no cars on the roads!!  This is just in case we have missed the message.

Any maps shown also have big letters on to warn us of SNOW, ICE, COLD, FREEZING FOG.

Anyway back to the film. No doubt most of you’ve seen it already.  I hadn’t.  Brutal.  But beautiful.  To come through that and not give up hope. To have a plan for survival. Amazing.  Good messages.

Made me cry.  So nothing new there then!!

5 thoughts on “Shawshank Redemption

  1. I haven’t seen the movie. Can’t comment on that but the snow scene you’ve described sounds exactly like this part of NC when we get the occasional snow. I had dinner tonight with a woman who works for a local TV station. She said their viewer count skyrockets on snow days. We just love bad weather reports.

  2. I haven’t seen the film either, but England in the snow brought back memories…Of closed-down schools, no trains and a paralyzed country. On dress codes, I’d say English gals are not scared of going out dressed for Summer whatever the weather when they go out boozing ;)…
    Back to coming through things and not giving up hope, I’ve always found resilience fascinating, and I wonder what is the difference between those who are and those who aren’t resilient…

    • I think the resiliance comes from within – an unconscious determination. Something that may well have been learnt whilst growing up. I don’t know.

      But I do believe it can be taught – or coached.

      I know I get days when the determination and resiliance takes over and with it comes an inner peace and certainty – almost a calm serenity!!. Then something triggers the doubt and I can plummet. I know it comes from deep within. I know the coaching has made a huge difference. And I hope that as I learn more I find out how to trigger resiliance – for me and for those I hope to coach.

  3. SUre I have seen the movie, though can not remember anything about it.

    Not really any snow in the North east either.

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