The bank liked me today!

So gratifying to be treated with such interest!   I queued up with my cheque. A rather large cheque.  I handed it in with my paying in book and said that perhaps I might need a little guidance as to what to do next!

The lovely cashier took one look and asked me to just wait a moment “If I didn’t mind” and vanished!

A couple of minutes later I was ushered into a private room and my cheque was discussed!

So I spent a jolly 30 minutes discussing my options and how they, the bank, will assist me in the process of moving me from having the money in my account to helping, should I need it, on short-term mortgages etc to ease my path from where I am now into a future home which I will own!


I returned home and played the usual cat-and-mouse game with my landlord who, in the space of just over an hour, went from insisting he wouldn’t sell me the house to saying he might.  He contradicted himself about what he wanted, could and couldn’t do. What he might or might not do.  On the state of his business.  On just about everything.  He got cross, he got apologetic.  He sought sympathy.  He was, as usual, bizarre!

Life is fascinating!

Still I have taken some action today.  Not a lot!  But some.  In between these ‘exciting’ interludes I worked and studied!

I do better when I focus on my future with my strategy for a good outcome.  I don’t do so well when I dither!!

12 thoughts on “The bank liked me today!

  1. If you’re thinking of buying the house you’re renting, I strongly recommend that you put a low-ball offer IN WRITING. With a specific time limit for validity — for the first offer, maybe 7-10 days is reasonable.

    Don’t waste time chatting with the owner. Not yet.

    Once the owner has an actual offer, he can discuss it with a real estate agent if he wants. He can reject it or accept it or respond with a different number. From there, you have a negotiation.

    You want him to think you’re looking at OTHER houses too. (It would help your negotiation if you DID look at other houses, both in terms of the upcoming negotiation and in terms of assessing the real value to you of the property.) That way he feels the pressure to sell or potentially lose you as a buyer. It’s always nicer to have the upper hand in a negotiation. Selling an empty house is easier than a rented one (where the tenant might not leave or might leave damage behind), but losing rental income and then NOT selling the house because it’s priced poorly is a real risk for the owner. Recognize your strengths in this negotiation! It’s not personal.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you for your advice. He knows I’m looking at other properties (and I am!). I will put my offer in writing to him.

      As the house is attached to the business part of the property he has to get the Council to agree to the split. So a certain amount of time is needed whilst this happens. But I like your idea of putting it in writing as this will encourage him to take action rather than dithering as he is now!

      I love negotiating so this is going to be fun. And I’m good at starting at a low figure!!

      Houses in the price bracket of this one aren’t selling too well around here at the moment. Oddly the more expensive ones and the cheaper ones are shifting!
      So hanging on to me as a buyer – especially as he’s in financial difficulties would be sensible from his point of view.

      • You definitely have this figured out.

        At any time, he can say “no thanks” so you don’t have to worry about ripping him off. If the market determines his house is not worth what he would like it to be, he can not sell or he can whine. Either way, not your problem.

        • I love the fun of the process!

          The me who bought her last car at £4000 less than the garage wanted to sell it for! Just by shrugging my shoulders and walking away from their deal! It helped to know that they were at financial year end and wanted to get the sale on their books!!! And once they met my offer I insisted they filled it with fuel and gave me 6 months tax!!

  2. I remember going through somewhat the same thing, both in my life and with my emotions when I decided to buy a townhouse for my son and myself. I remember how charged I felt and am still amazed at how well I slept back then.

    Remember the moment for years to come.

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