I fancy a miracle!

Today’s Challenge on the track I’m following on the Daily Challenge website is:


How to do it

Take 5 minutes today to play a little game. Imagine that a miracle just happened, and in one instant, everything that you wish for your life came true. What does your miracle life look like? A different place to live? A new job? A relationship? And more importantly, is there one part of this new life that might be within your grasp?

Why it matters

Perhaps we fantasize about a new life when we buy the odd lottery ticket, but for the most part, adults are too caught up in the day-to-day grind to really let their imaginations soar. By giving yourself the freedom to envision your ideal life, you may stumble on a specific dream that you haven’t thought about before. This in turn gives you the chance to think about a small step you could take to reach it.

So I did as I was bid!!

I know I will reach my goal as in becoming a life coach.  In fact a really good life coach!

But it’s the other stuff I need a magic wand for!!  OK, let’s be honest, I want a brilliant, loving, passionate relationship. Where I’m cherished, loved, protected……..  and respected and all the other stuff too!  All I keep finding on the Internet dating sites are men who may be my age but are behaving as if they have one foot in the grave!  It’s somewhat depressing.

I also want a miracle which stops me thinking of Alex every morning when I wake and saying goodnight to him as I go to sleep!  I miss the bu**er!!!

Now if he turned up on my doorstep swearing undying love for me and asking my forgiveness that really would be some miracle!!

As it is I need to focus on new miracles.  In the meantime I’m tucked up early reading my life coaching books (It’s warmer in bed than anywhere else!) and pretending I don’t have a sore throat.  And attempting to stop a ‘crash landing’ from my Stage 5 – Flying position!!

And as I’m a woman I’ll be OK – unlike this wonderful YouTube clip:

8 thoughts on “I fancy a miracle!

  1. I have learnt to be very careful about what I wish for.
    Sometimes they come true. And they were not what you expected.
    Or more to the point the law of united concequences kicks in and something undesirable results

  2. This is exactly why I finally bought a guitar so that I can learn how to play. I’ve had this fantasy forever, but for whatever reason I also had this stupid idea that only teenage men or men in their 20s can be really accomplished guitar players! Why did I think that, I don’t know. When I realized that this stupid idea was holding me back – I just decided to let it go. I’ve seen so many “miraculous” things lately – such as a paraplegic athlete, Grant Korgan, sit-skiing all the way to the South Pole… and you realize, much more is possible in life than what we believe.

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