The Power of the Internet!!!

Well that’s the last time I send sympathy to anyone on Facebook!!

Two days ago I expressed my concern to a friend with a cold – she’s due to go into hospital for a hip replacement this Friday and was scared the op will be delayed due to her cold.

Anyway now I’ve caught it.  Amazing how germs can travel through a Facebook link and be so contagious!  In more ways than one!

Just as an aside my Life Coach, Stephen, is now on Facebook  so you can sign up there too now and follow his posts.  Perhaps his wisdom and common sense will be equally contagious!!

Sometimes I think that’s what I need!

10 thoughts on “The Power of the Internet!!!

  1. Well hopefully the contagion doesn’t cross blogs also! Going to check on your life coach after Easter–gave up FB for lent! Remember to drink plenty of fluids and zinc helps!

    • You can check him out by clicking on the link on the right – under Sites offering Help – this takes you to his blog rather than FB

      Thanks for the tip – I wonder if I have zinc in my cupboard!

      I’m drinking lots – water

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