Residual issues from my relationship!

There are still a few gremlins whizzing around which I need to anihalate from my everyday life!

I should have been more honest when going to Life Coaching and admitted them at the time.  I didn’t because I was rather ashamed to be still thinking the things I was.

But I’ve owned up!!  Finally!  To myself as well as to Stephen!  Goodness knows if he knew or not.  But the point is that how can anyone help and guide if you’re not 100% honest. 

What’s interesting is the fact that because I settled for letting the gremlins ‘live’ they have been allowed to lurk and so scupper parts of my life. 

Yes I now have a goal which is all consuming and wonderful.  But, I will acknowledge, that I want more!

I’ve just started reading “Relationship Breakthrough” by Cloe Madanes.  Wow what a woman.

Whether this book would have made any sense to me at all had I not been to see Stephen I have no idea. I think probably not!!  However,  It makes sense now.  Mainly because I recognise many of the techniques Stephen used. Tools to help people to better relationships and lives.

Anyway I’m left with the issue of how to kill off the one involuntary pattern I have left because if I don’t I will, perhaps, scupper my future dreams.

So now to find an activity which rids me of this involuntary behaviour.  One that fits in with when I first wake up and just as I’m falling asleep at night.

4 thoughts on “Residual issues from my relationship!

  1. I have a behavior that I’d like to drowned in a puddle of mud somewhere. I think about how to get past it on a daily basis and yet I cling to it. This has happened to me with other issues but I get to a point where I make to leap away from whatever and I’m on my way to improving myself. I keep hoping that the same thing will happen with this one.

  2. It’s surprising, isn’t it, how long it takes sometimes to get rid of certain gremlins. I think I had a minor epiphany today when I was vacuuming the floor and actually said out loud to myself that if I had to choose between getting my ex back and getting my housekeeper back, I would take the housekeeper.

    Don’t know if this is true, but I read a long time ago that it takes a year for every five years you’re in a relationship to get completely over the breakup. I think I must be right on schedule.

    Your progress is astounding. I’m giving you a bow.

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