House Hunting begins!

Hello world!

I dragged myself from my sick-bed to peer and prod some proposed properties!

To assist me in this endeavour I took along a great friend.  She’s brilliant as she took photos and asked very sensible questions!  We viewed two possible dwellings! The first was a shoe box designed for someone with no furniture, no taste, no style and possibly no life!  So a No!

The second was a derelict bungalow with almost better living space outside in the ramshackle garden than the actual dwelling itself.  We came to the conclusion that setting light to it would improve the accommodation and that too much money would be needed to turn it into the magnificent place it could be.

I returned to my sick-bed!!  And what I want to know is how come I have to be ill at a weekend!  This cold is rubbish!!

I want a hug, my feet massaged and acres of TLC!!  But on the plus side at least I’ll be over it by next weekend when  the course starts!

May your weekends me fun dear readers!

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