The joy of Confusion!

I called in on one of my ex neighbours this afternoon on my way home from spending lots of dosh on drink (to be taken to the people I’m staying with when I do THE COURSE!) other essentials, and some not-so-essentials! (Like clothes, perfume and a new  radio alarm clock!!)

Bless them they were fantastic when Alex first left and allowed me to weep copiously all over them for hours on end!  They must be so thankful I’ve stopped doing that now!  At least they’re keeping dry!!

We chatted away about the attitude of my siblings (a situation she is well aware of) and she suddenly said “I’m sure your brother  tried to make a go of his marriage”

“Ah”  I said, putting a glass in front of her

“Try picking up this glass!”

“What do you mean” she replied picking up the glass!

I then pointed out she’d picked the glass up.  I reminded her I’d asked her to TRY to pick the glass up not to pick it up.  She then put it down.  “No, no- Now you’re NOT picking it up.  TRY to pick it up.”

Wow did she get confused.  She even got a little annoyed.  I then explained what I meant.  Trying doesn’t get anyone anywhere.  Doing or not doing are the two only real options!!

It’s a pity more people don’t realise that!!  After all we are guilty of saying things like

“I try to be nice to her/him”  – well either we are or we aren’t

“I try not to overspend”  – ditto – the list is endless!

Anyway, she laughed in the end and muttered something about “God help us when you’ve learned even more about this life coaching stuff!”

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