Mixed Morning Emotions!

Clearly my unconscious mind isn’t totally at rest yet and somehow I’d quite like to find a way of dealing with this unconscious behaviour.  Because that, dear reader, is what it is.  I’m sure of that.

When my alarm goes off (and now I have my nice, new, over-expensive all singing all dancing alarm clock I can choose to wake to Radio, buzzer (of the audible kind – I trust your mind wasn’t wandering to other thoughts!!) or my ipod) I wake with an incredible sinking feeling.  A sort of “Another day to be got through” feeling.

Some mornings this is accompanied by an aching head – only cured by a dose of my favourite headache cure.

The low lasts usually until I reach the Motorway on my journey to work.  Then my mood starts to lift, and as I’ve already said I get to Junction 13 and my ‘turned on moment’ which never fails to ‘brighten’ my day! 

Usually by the time I reach work I’m OK!

On the days I don’t have to drive it can be a real battle to shift my mood into a brighter frame of mind.

I was going to say I’ve tried lots of things but since trying is not doing I won’t go there!!

I really want to wake every morning and feel Wow rather than Oh!  A bit more Junction 13 – if you get my drift!!  More of a feeling of wanting to embrace the world rather than avoid it!!

So in the spirit of doing so I need to delve further and find some more solutions!!  No doubt this is called Growth!  Which is fine I just need to find out how.

By the way I’ve stopped saying goodnight to Alex every night – I couldn’t face the thought of getting up and having to complete some unnecessary chore! (Which was the suggested cure!)

14 thoughts on “Mixed Morning Emotions!

  1. Why don’t you, as a wee experiment, set out to indulge yourself in the morning. Treat yourself each morning to a nice breakfast, put on your favourite radio station or music and chill while you eat your breakfast. Doing something special just for you might just have the positive impact you’re looking for. The other thing I tried was a wee meditation in the morning. I had it on my ipod thingy and would just stick my earphones in before the day had grabbed me and I was fully awake. It used to take about 10 mins and all I had to do was lie there and listen to it. I can’t say I remember much about the meditation but I do remember feeling rejuvinated in a way that just hauling myself out of bed just didn’t do. Just a couple of suggestions anyway – maybe you could get a meditation that incorporates the words Junction 13 😉

  2. Take a picture of junction 13. Have it enlarged to wall size and get it pasted on to one of your bedroom walls.
    Problem solved.

  3. Think of all the good reasons for being alive. There are many and once you start thinking of them every morning you will find more. I have a terrible habit, which a lot of people wouldn’t approve of but it works for me. I count how many years I may have left in this world if I live to a ripe old age that is and I then work backwards to see what I have already done with that number of years. Then I see how fast they went by.Frightening. It makes me realise I have to buck up, get on and enjoy every moment. It works for me but not everyone I guess. xx

    • I totally agree. And by the time I ‘get going’ around 8.00am I’m mostly OK! It’s the rubbish start to the day that is incredibly boring, irritating and at the moment persistent!! I seem to have to run a sequence through my mind to shift the problem! It’s as though I have to turn the heating on in my brain!! Once it’s warmed up then I can banish the negatives.

  4. I have felt like you do. I have found that with me, it’s because I’m not sleeping as well as I though I was. At about 8pm most nights, I do a meditation session for 15 to 20 minutes. I’d do it later but as the evening wears on, I get tired and I don’t want to fall asleep during these sessions. I have found that by clearing the mind a little helps me sleep better and my mood when I wake up is improved.

    I can’t promise that this will work for you but you may want to try it for a couple of nights.

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