Change can be fun!

A situation at work yesterday triggered me thinking about this as I drove home last night.  Driving is my ‘time to think’ time.  This can be dangerous and very non-productive if I’m not careful and can send me down a cul-de-sac (not literally you understand – unless I have the Sat Nav turned on and it decides to take a detour!) emotionally!

A member of my staff was working out how to introduce a change in working practice to one of his staff who hates change with a vengeance!  We talked about it for a while and I suggested making it as fun as possible and to involve her as much as possible in the changes.  No one likes being the recipient of forced change without having an input!  He developed his ideas and went away with a scheme of his own devising which I’m sure will work.  Good news.

I know many people resist change.  And we all have ingenious ways of convincing ourselves we don’t need to change!  I can over-exaggerate and generalise and when challenged laugh it off as part of me being me! But having been pulled up on it a few times recently – in the nicest possible way I might add –  I’m making an effort to be more explicit in how I express myself.  It’s important.  Especially when it comes to my goal and how I hope to help people.

We all have things we could do better or be less controlling over if we just accept we aren’t always right and concede that change could give us something more!  I also think it’s grabbing the opportunities that present themselves when they’re offered. Be it taking up an  offer to improve our written grammar, enjoying the change to an IT system or having fun changing the office environment for the better instead of putting up a physical barricade of resistance (which I had to deal with once!), to the real emotional ones of changing a pattern of behaviour which isn’t giving us the life we truly desire.

Change can be hard, slow and drawn out, or Change can be fun, surprising and swift!

Some changes are harder to embrace than others.  For each one of us these will be different.  Actually taking the decision to make a change is the hard, slow  bit!!  Once you’ve decided to the next bit can often be quite fast – and fun!

So now, for me, it’s finding out why my unconscious mind is doing what it is, so I can change the pattern and rid myself of my daily morning angst.  I rather wish I’d owned up to this problem when I was still going to Life Coaching as I might have had a better last 4 months than I have.  Bother!

6 thoughts on “Change can be fun!

  1. Gosh how strange that you should write this post today. I am currently wrangling with an essay – a critical analysis of leadership in managing change in health and social care settings! Change is certainly difficult and the reason most people resist or resent change is a fear of losing something. It seems inevitable that people will resist change. I often think that one of the things that should be available to people in the workplace who are struggling with accepting change is help to manage the emotions around this (might be a job for you once you launch your new career :wink:). This support is encouraged and should take place out of the workplace. In my experience it is seldom available to employees though. With change although I think it is important to point out the negatives it is also encouraged that staff are a major source of support and consultation around change should be encouraged, however it is really important to have worked out all the details of planning before you present it to a team/employee if you are at all to be able to present it will the level of leadership ability required. One of the key things I’ve picked up is that once you announce a change it should be implemented quickly and if people express anger over a proposed change this isn’t appropriate. If someone threatens to leave in anger you’re better off without them. Funny how this might all be about leadership, management and change but it is just as relevant in real life as opposed to work life. Sorry to rant – head full of research 😆

    • Carry on ranting – it didn’t seem like a rant to me! Stephen (LC) frequently writes about change so might be worth looking at his blog occasionally

      Good luck with the essay

  2. What kinds of morning angst do you suffer from, do you think, and why?
    Is it a fear of the day ahead? Or just something you’re nervous about? I tend to be more nervous before I go to bed than when I wake. I take a fair while to unwind. (I used to relax with drinking but that’s a no-no anymore)
    If, though, I have to go somewhere daunting – it really is a job in itself to get me out of the house. I have a million rituals that take place before I lock the door – from arming myself with tissues to putting plastic bags in my pockets. Isn’t it strange? I hope to get out of all silly habbits one day. It would be nice to just escape ‘me’ sometimes.

    • Hi and welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment.

      The angst is totally centred around loss. I awake not feeling a complete human being. Which is stupid I know! It’s a dull all consuming ache which I have to shake off every morning.

      Have you tried the hypnosis downloads (see my links list) they’re not expensive and I’m finding them good. Rituals can be ‘cured’!

      • I haven’t, no, but I will do. I find any kind of meditation very helpful. I have been practicing Paul Mckenna’s CD ‘Change your life in seven days’ for a good twelve months now (OK, it says seven days, but it really depends on how much you want to change and for some, it can be a whole lot longer than just a week) which is a great book and comes with a dvd and cd. And I also practice chakra meditations.. which are Life Altering!!
        I woke up the same way, when I split from my last boyfriend. It’s grief. Humans are social animals, and just like chimps or apes, suffer berievement when they lose a mate. It’s very natural. Lots of people wake and go to sleep depressed because they simply feel like part of themselves is gone too. You’re not on your own. And also it becomes a habit, doesn’t it? Going to sleep and waking up with someone you know (or atleast,think you know) I’m the sort of person that enjoys contact with another person and I enjoy feeling safe with someone next to me.
        But I have been there (and probably will again in my life) It’s a horrible place, but there is an exit.
        I hope one day you can get up, see the sunshine bursting through the window and know that you’re complete and whole Just as you are!- and most likely through helping others achieve a better life – there’ll be someone around the corner who wants to share a better life with you. A positive outlook and disposition always encourages new events. You’ve probably done it already, but I decorated my bedroom and got new covers… I even got a new mattress. ‘Smudging’ is good too. You can even do it with a blown out candle. It really helps to clear the stagnant vibes in a room and create more abundance and make room for love.
        Great read. I like your page. x

  3. The thing about you is that you always own up in the end. when you don’t its normally because you were not aware of the problem. Your ability to face yourself and deal with life is always inspiring

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