Maths Question!

Why is it that some people can’t just come to the point?

Conversation with  S at work this morning.  S is VERY IMPORTANT, as she keeps reminding me!!!  This I find funny!

S:  I had to go to France last week with staff member G
Me:  Yes I know

S:  We went by Eurostar on the first train of the morning
Me:  Well done!  ( private thought:  slightly baffled as to where this is heading)

S:  I arranged for 2 taxis to pick us up from our homes to get us to the station on time.  I arranged G’s taxi to pick him up 45 minutes before mine as he lives 45 minutes further from London than I do.
Me:  Well done (still baffled – but concerned at this point that the taxi firm had let someone down by arriving late and they’d failed to catch the train – so I would have to tick them off)

S:  He got there 30 minutes early.  What do you think of that?
Me:  (relieved!) Great.  Glad neither of you missed the train!

S:  Think about it.
Me:  Why? (I think I may have been grinning by this stage!)

S.  Well work it out.  He got there early.   He texted me to say he’d arrived  I was still in my taxi.
Me:  Clearly or he wouldn’t have texted you.  (I nearly added I hadn’t realised you were having a race!)

You don’t see it do you?
Me:  Clearly not!

(At this point I felt as if for some reason I was being set one of those dreadful maths questions we got at school which always involved long explanations of some ghastly form of vehicular motion with 2 or more participants, going in opposite or similar directions and usually  questions at the end on the lines of Where was S when G arrived at the station?   How far apart were the cars?  What was the make of the car ?  And what colour socks was the driver wearing?)

S:  Well I’ll just have to tell you
Me: Oh please do! (thinking I rather wish you would – you could have told me several mintues ago!)

S: (Triumphantly!)  The taxi driver must have been breaking the speed limit.  In fact by my calculations he must have been driving at over 100 mph!
Me:  Wow!

S:  Well. What are you going to do about it?
Me: (Thinking well not a lot really!).  Was G scared?  What would you like me to do?

S: (Treating me now as if I was a deliquent 5 yr old).  I want you to report the driver to the taxi firm.  And point out to them that The OPERATIONS DIRECTOR is unhappy.
Me:  OK. But I don’t need to drag you into it S.  Just my voice on the end of the phone will be sufficient – I’m the manager of the contract!!!

At this point she tittered and then stomped off with an air of mission accomplished and ready to find her next victim to sort out!  This is  one busy lady!!

Have I reported the driver.  Well no!  I rang poor G – who wasn’t at all bothered by the speed he’d been driven!   So I think I’ll let the matter rest.

But don’t give me away dear reader as I’m not telling her!!

13 thoughts on “Maths Question!

    • She’s in dire need of a visit to Stephen!! I had a massive problem keeping a straight face throughout this exchange. (Which went on for ages – I cut out a lot of the dialogue – you’d have lost the will to live if I’d written it all down!)

      The trouble is I think she guessed I was finding her funny – which didn’t help!!

  1. I think she needs something, not sure if it is a visit to LC though.

    A couple of years ago I was in Germany, and the taxi was doing well over a 100 mph, it was at this point he started texting on his phone.

    Asked him to slowdown and refrain form texting

  2. Your private thoughts were kinder than mine would have been. I would have been thinking “Get a life woman.” And maybe I would have “thought” it aloud.

    I love you parenthetical comments about math word problems. I hated those.

    • Why she couldn’t have just said “Could you have a word with the taxi firm as I think they’re speeding” I really don’t know. We spent 10 minutes on this conversation all of which was a complete waste of her time and mine!!!

      But hey she gave a lovely giggle and the subject of a funny post!! So I shouldn’t complain!!

      Actually I should have thanked her for giving me such splendid material!!

  3. You did the right thing not to say anything. I agree with the person above me. It’s like, hasn’t she got anything more constructive to think about – than causing mishief?

  4. LOL 🙂 As a “professional” taxi driver I find this funny. I would not have been able to keep my mouth closed throughout such a ludicrous exchange. But, as a taxi operator, I could point out that while we do stretch (understatement!) the speed limit from time-to-time, speed is not the only factor involved in getting from point “A” to point “B” in good time …
    The Operations Director sounds similar to a former boss of mine (one of the key reasons I am now a self-employed taxi operator).
    Oh, and Lost In France: I NEVER text and drive!

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