Just to say hello!

So now I’m deep into week two of this NLP course.

Yesterday I was used for the demonstration to rid me of my phobia of spiders.  Now, dear reader, I have no idea if the process has had a positive effect or not.  All I do know that in front of 50 + other people I ended up giggling like I haven’t giggled for ages.  The presenter set an anchor and every time he fired it (a squeeze on my right shoulder) the reaction was instant – I giggled!!

Today we are learning about creating places of sanctuary and giving ourselves more opportunities in dealing with unconscious reactions (like instant rage, anger….. Whatever) and giving ourselves more choices in life – so not removing the state but allowing us to have the choice to go into that state or not!

It is fascinating stuff and I’m learning a great deal.  It’s all sinking in slowly!

As John Grinder said this morning the main thing is to create lots of confusion to start with – well he certainly did that!!!

Hope you are all missing me dear readers!!

Ooh and this is my 700th post!!  You poor souls!  What a lot to wade through if you’re new here (it’s OK you don’t have to read it all – or any!!)

8 thoughts on “Just to say hello!

  1. This reader is missing you. I’ve always thought that happy students learn well. With all that giggling you must be absorbing everything they’re throwing at you. Keep us informed.

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