I’m NLPd Out!

I’m back home in my lovely little cottage feeling absolutely shattered!  The Assessment Day is over and done.  I feel fairly confident I’ve passed.  In fact I’ll go further – I’ll be surprised if I haven’t!

I didn’t do any favours last night as my over-active brain decided to wake me up at 3.00am and then keep me awake!  Anyway we were given a New Code NLP game to get us all in a High Performance state before we began and I held on to that state for the rest of the day!

We then all had a group hugging session before we all set off for home.  I see an early night in the offing!!

I’ll catch up with all your posts tomorrow!!


One thought on “I’m NLPd Out!

  1. It’s wonderful to have you back. You’ve been sorely missed. You’ll have passed; I was so confident that from the outset that you will get through. Welcome Home!

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