I have choices

I have so many choices.  I can choose to be sad or I can choose to be happy.  I can choose to be cross or angry.  I can choose to feel sorry for myself.  I can choose to be lonely or I can choose to love my own company.

I can choose to love or not.

All these choices are within me.  They aren’t ‘created’ by anyone else. They are created by me.  I can choose to create them when I am with someone else or I can choose not to.

I chose to love Alex. I chose to love him come what may. I chose to believe in him, to see in him things that I still believe he hasn’t chosen to see in himself.  He chose a different path.  So now I can either choose to go on loving him or I can choose to listen to my unconscious and ask it to heal me.  And by that I mean heal me totally so freeing me to make new choices as they arise.

This work was eloquently, caringly and determinedly started by Stephen.  His work with me allowed me to see the new possibilities in front of me.  This work continued over the last two weeks in the safe and supportive surroundings of the NLP course I attended.

The last eighteen months, from the moment I started to go to Life Coaching, right up to this weekend,  have been enlightening.  They have opened up possibilities, thoughts, ideas and emotions I didn’t know were there.  Things within me that I had no idea existed.

Yesterday afternoon at the end of the course, when we all breathed a collective sigh of relief at the end of the Assessment Day.  We all walked around saying goodbye to each other and sharing hugs and giggles – as happens so often at the end of a collective intense experience.  We remembered shared special moments when we encouraged and supported each other individually.

I was amazed and deeply touched at how many people said they’d miss my sunny outlook on life and my infectious laughter!

I learnt an amazing amount, not only about how to help others have more choice in their lives but how I can give myself more choice and how those choices can be long lasting.

The changes we can give ourselves don’t take long to create. They are within us.  All we need to learn is how to unlock the places  where they are.

And if none of this makes sense to you then just come round and see me!!  My charges will be very reasonable!!

6 thoughts on “I have choices

    • Ah but to coin a famous phrase – It’s just the end of the beginning!!

      Now the learning really starts as I put the techniques into practice!

      And I re-read some of the books I’ve already read now I have new insight to their meaning, and read others I haven’t yet opened……………..!!!

  1. You sound enthused and it’s lovely. I’m glad you’re back too. I’ve missed you. I’m so pleased this has been such a positive experience for you and I’m not at all surprised to hear that your peers appreciated your infectious laughter. Welcome back 🙂

  2. Wohey,
    It’s great to hear you lay-out all these possibilities for yourself. I look forward to hearing all about what sounds like a defining training course!
    Hope you got the rest your needed and going back to work doesn’t feel too weird.

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