Post Course-itus

A friend of mine, who was forever going on courses at work, often referred to that period of time on returning from whatever course he’d just been on as the Post Course-Itus phase!!!

That time when you bask in the warm after-glow of having reached some place of higher understanding and shared experience!

I’m enjoying my personal  inner, after-glow!!

The relationship with my great friend (the one who has been so against what I’m doing) is also improving.  NLP has clearly had a beneficial effect on her!! (She went on a course just before I did mine)  We are treading on eggshells but I am hopeful she will find a less controlling side to herself and see she has more choices within her. On her own admission she has already begun doing this with her sons and found that as a result they are making their own choices which are giving them growth.

I hope she sees she is also benefiting and growing too.

As for me.  Well learning what I have over the last 2 weeks has just made me hungry to know more!!  I have so many questions!  I’m fascinated by what can be done. What we can do for ourselves and how I hope I can help others.  It sort of makes me feel good inside!

3 thoughts on “Post Course-itus

  1. You were certainly glowing last night! I noticed such a change in you; you really have grown, gained confidence; quiet determination; and an inner peace. I feel the real you has almost emerged, but it will be a while longer before that happens, and I don’t think you will rush it. You are amazing and exciting – and I get free consultations! All you out there, this girl knows her stuff.

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