Return to work!

Ah the joy of that back to work moment!

I rolled up early.  Peace reigned (mostly). My email account looked the worse for wear!  Just the 444 emails to work through then! And most of them could be deleted.

Tonight I’m off to the camera club to have my photos ridiculed by some judge or other.  What fun!

What I particularly like about having my photos judged is the way they presuppose I knew what I was doing at the time!

Comments like “The author clearly got up early and spotted an opportunity……..”   The colours obviously captured their attention…..

Ah the joy of the mind reader (and that links in with NLP and learning NOT to  mind read!!)

3 thoughts on “Return to work!

  1. It is often amusing to here how people talk endlessly about a photo or a piece of art, giving it deep meaning and using big words.

    Often as you say originally it was a lot simpler than that

  2. Well I got an 18 out of 20 for one of my photos and a 16 for the other (you have to get 17 for the score to count!!)

    But hopefully I’ll stay in the novice class for another year!! It’s safer than being moved to intermediate where the judging gets tougher!!

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