Regrets – we all have them!

Inspired by MatureStudent’s post on the subject I am now owning up to some of my more amusing regrets!

Regret No 1
I really regret cutting all the fur off my favourite teddy bear when I was about 5!  I believed it would re-grow.  It didn’t!  I still have it.  It wears a jumper!!  Obviously to keep it warm.

Regret No 2
I regret falling off my motor scooter when I was 16 and knocking one of my front teeth out!!  It wasn’t a good look!

Regret No. 3
I regret going into business with a girlfriend.  We started a lingerie business, the idea being to beat Janet Reger (lingerie queen of the time) at her own game.  We had a great business model and could have made an absolute fortune.  Sadly she was far more interested in taking her underwear off for her boyfriend than putting in the required effort in the more business side of underwear!!  Hey ho!  She bowed out just as various loans were due, so to coin a phrase “We went bust“.  Her boyfriend was also our accountant!  He failed to do the business figures – clearly spending all his available time on her figure.  The ensuing legal wrangles were not exactly joyous!!

However on the Plus side.  I learnt to make my own knickers – and still do!!  And very pretty they are too!!

Regret No 4
I regret having bright red highlights put in my hair when I was in my 30s – it was scary!

Regret No 5
All the numerous times I’ve damaged my knees either skiing or ice skating  – none of which I was any good at!!

Regret No 6
I regret the moment in the bar of the Squash Club I used to belong to after I’d just lost yet again.

I announced to the packed room at a moment when there was one of those inexplicable silences:

“I may always lose but I’m fun to play with”

OK Who’s next for the challenge?

4 thoughts on “Regrets – we all have them!

  1. I tried to leave a comment last night but somehow it wouldn’t save it so I popped back today. I’m so pleased you took up the challenge. I’m thrilled to know someone who can make their own knickers. What a resourceful lady you are!

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