The voyage to the centre of me

This is what I reckon!.

Mostly we “walk” on the surface of our existence.  We put our slant on the day’s events and accept or reject the things that happen around us.  I know I used to judge others with absolutely no right or foundation to do so. .  But do we ever wonder why we think the way we do.  Do we ever want to know who’s controlling us.  Or what it is that’s controlling us for that matter!

To leave the surface and travel inwards is seen as navel gazing by so many people. But rather than just view what’s in there with mild curiosity I believe it is worth the exploration to find that inner spark and flare.  To run into the little monsters who’ve taken up residence in “the caverns of our minds” and find out what we did to create them, in some instances, many years ago.  To understand how they came to be created is, maybe, to understand oneself. And by understanding oneself the opportunities for change and more choice  become so much more.

Maybe then and only then can one really grow.  Maybe only then do we get the chance to  truly soar.  Because understanding how we work gives us the chance to improve and re-model the bits that could be serving us better so we can do everything we want to do and more, and from a feeling of security and safety within us.

But one thing I do know it’s down to us to do the changing.  No one else can.  All a life coach can do is guide (as I’ve said many times before!!)

So, I think the hardest part of committing wholeheartedly to the life coaching process, for me, wasn’t the turning up for the sessions (though initially I thought that was) but acknowledging and accepting that there was a better way of being me and other ways of viewing others around me and then trusting in the process to commit to some quite fundemental choices in how I saw the world.  Life Coaching doesn’t remove choice – it  gives you more.  And once the choices become greater then life becomes a whole lot more fun!  Giving myself the freedom to have choices was oddly difficult but it’s been a great thing to crack!  And the course I’ve just been on has also shown me some of the tools to enable me to show others how to do it too.

I know I still have a couple of issues which are not serving me in my best interests hence my up-coming session on Saturday.  I’m going to crack those this weekend.  So Stephen if you read this, please don’t let me short-change myself.  I know I can trust you to push me through whatever barrier I feel still needs knocking down as I’m committed to doing so.

5 thoughts on “The voyage to the centre of me

  1. Hey there,
    I whole-heartedly agree with you, and what I would add is that the greatest challenge for me, was to accept fully responsibility for how I view the world, and what I do about it.
    It may sound funny, but it’s been bl**y hard to stop seeing myself as a victim of T, to accept that I had chosen him, and should therefore face the consequences. To accept that I could either wallow in my self-righteousness and misery, or enjoy life.
    It’s still hard at times, but I am slowly getting there…
    Thanks for being a beacon for all of us on our quest to understand.

  2. our brain is a clever and complex thing.

    It sets up barriers to avoid pain.

    As you say sometimes you have to force through these to really make progress and start to heal and develop fully.

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