Britain’s gone Barmy!

It doesn’t take a lot for the great British calm-in-a-crisis attitude to crack!

With the threat of a possible fuel-tanker drivers’ strike in the offing a large number of the population have lost all sight of reason and are now filling their vehicles to bursting point.  Fuel cans have been dusted down and filled. 

Petrol stations have run out or adopted a rationing strategy.  The Police have been called in to manage the traffic……..   It’s war on the forecourt!

And the strike isn’t for another week at the earliest!!

The Government and Media haven’t helped with their panic headlines!

I knew we were doomed earlier in the week when someone on the radio advised people NOT to adopt a panic-buying strategy!  So that fixed the idea firmly in the minds of all listening!

And Moi?  Well I had to hunt down fuel this morning (I need it to do my 140 mile commute!).   So I did a little light queuing on my way to work today!  The man two cars in front (who looked as though he’d got out of bed especially to visit the petrol station and would be heading back home after his mission), filled his car and then several very suspect cans! And I bet he stays in all weekend rather than risk venturing out and actually using any of this precious commodity he now has in abundance!!

The great thing is that with most cars in the country now full of fuel the petrol stations will be quiet next week!

Happy days!!

5 thoughts on “Britain’s gone Barmy!

  1. It is certainly getting pretty crazy out there. I’ve not driven my car for ages – been walking as it helps my stress levels. Feeling rather smug about not having to visit the petrol station. I think this whole thing has been handled very badly but you did make me laugh with your opening line – how true!

  2. I think it’s a fascinating exercise in strategy as a population.

    Do you wait and risk getting nothing?

    Do you rush to the petrol station to both a queue and the risk that the strike is cancelled and a wasted stocking-up effort.

    The strategy changes according to need. If you’re (forgive me) dumb enough to have a 140-mile commute (which I hope is not daily), then you have few options but to keep buying until it’s all gone. If you’re only driving short distances, do you stock up anyway to know you won’t be affected at all even if the strike goes ahead and is prolonged?

    I should finish up with a pithy comment but instead I’ll just look on with interest.. 🙂

  3. Best of luck wit that. Having to do a lomng commute is hard enough without suffering from fuel anxiety. I do hope that you managed to fill up OK. I’ve no idea when normal service will resume, or if there actually will be a strike. I’m clinging to my quarter tank of gas like a miser

  4. It is odd to think that there is no real problem, except one of our own making.

    We have a 24 hour Asda station near by and that worked just fine for me. Am glad though that I had just traded in my gas guzzling 4x 4 for a much more frugal motor

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