Life Coaching booster!

Yes I’m just back from my 2hr session with Stephen.

I had my trusty list with me of all the questions I’d noted since deciding to become a life coach back last December!  Stephen was very helpful in going through the list and giving me answers to all my queries.

We also worked through the personal stuff I knew I needed to deal with and be coached through.  And yes it’s helped no end.  I couldn’t have done this on my own.  I knew I needed to be guided through it by someone who knew what to do and who I had total trust in, and this time I felt ready to do it. Ready to face what I needed to face and totally willing to allow the changes I needed to be put in place, to happen.  Going back through it in my mind was very emotional & for a while very tough.  But as I say 100% necessary for me.  I nearly ‘chickened out’ but Stephen didn’t let me (which I was relying on – I had to be certain he’d guide me through and not allow me to give up).  I  had a weep, but a necessary weep. I needed to cry.  And now I have an amazing feeling of release.  I can actually say 15 (the age when I was sexually molested) and not shudder at the number any more – and that’s an incredible feeling.

So thank you Stephen.  I had several moments of dithering when I attempted to divert you away from what I knew had to be done but was scared to face!   Thank you for sticking to your guns and guiding me through it all.  It was good!  I hope it was a good coaching moment for you too!!

8 thoughts on “Life Coaching booster!

  1. You’re posts are more and more positive each time, life coaching really does seem to suit you and to have worked for you. Good luck for your own business Caroline. x

    • Thank you Katie. It was interesting this afternoon as we discussed what had and hadn’t worked for me initially. And basically it was my resistance to change that meant some things didn’t work.

      Stephen is at liberty to explain further if he wishes! I think this is very important to understand and appreciate what some of us do to ourselves without knowing.

  2. I cant wait till you become a coach.
    Youve given us all so much positivity and critical thought along the way.
    I am sure you’ll be as good at coaching as you are at blogging

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