Face to face with a spider!

So it had to happen in the end.  And on Saturday evening it did!!

I could have let the friends I was with remove the creature from my kitchen floor but I decided to test out how I felt!

I thank the friend who held the front door open! 

Anyway I took a couple of deep breaths, bent down,  approached the spider – which was fairly big (for a UK specimen), rather black and a bit hairy looking – and………..


I scooped it up in my bare hands and took it outside where I presume it’s now living a new and exciting life, having had a close encounter with my cupped hands!

I can’t say I enjoyed the experience that much and I certainly didn’t fall about giggling, but actually it wasn’t nearly so bad as I thought it was going to be!!  I thought it would be creepy but it wasn’t!

So all I can deduce is that the Phobia Cure I was put through on my NLP course has worked!

Good grief!

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