Unleash the child within

One of the sessions on the NLP course covered unleashing the child within.

Children play and by playing they learn.  They model those around them, adults and friends and they learn.  How else can they. They have no past to draw on.  They don’t worry about getting it wrong or not succeeding after all if they did no child would ever stand or walk. So they carry on until they stop failing and succeed.

As we grow we develop insecurities and with it the ability to be embarrassed, ashamed and lots of other stuff which stop us and distance us from the freedom of learning and modelling.  We stop seeing failure  as a route to success and instead can see it as a route to give up.

So during one session on the course we were encouraged to play and behave like children.  Some of the students came to the front to play and were given a bucket to play with and to use in whatever ways they could imagine. It was very amusing and enlightening to watch what they came up with.

Yes we have responsibilities as adults to stick to various codes of conduct but within those parameters sometimes I think it might be fun and enlightening to embark on a bit more play, let go of our inhibitions and go with the flow!

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Unleash the child within

  1. inhibitions and embarrassment are traits we learn I guess in the name of being a civilized society.
    They can however be a burden at times.

  2. Just the thought of throwing aside my inhibitions and behaving like a happy child fills me with joy! I like doing zany things, a bit outrageous, running, jumping, singing, leaping in the air (if I can get the old body off the ground), and feeling free. I do these things when I think I’m not being observed, but sometimes in front of a select audience. I could catch onto the herd instinct and follow others doing something similar. I make it clear that I would be selective about what the others were doing before joining in. Looting is not part of my scenario, or hunting down some poor soul, or egging on those intent on wounding or killing.

    Reawakening the child within seems fun.

  3. I’ve done something similar to what you describe in group work. I remember feeling awkward and feeling it was a challenge. I think it depends what you are doing though. Give me some artwork materials and I’ll happily sit there like a 6 year old drawing away. I also think it serves to teach us an important lesson – even if it is only to highlight our discomfort. Interesting post.

    • In our case it was done to highlight how uninhibited children are and as a result soak up information and ideas and then experiment with them. We stop doing this the older we get and so restrict ourselves in our choices.

  4. I have kept my inner child under really tight control for a long, long time. Blowing a fuse last year, and doing the odd outrageous, fun thing has given me a taste for letting go of my inhibitions. It’s such a release! 🙂

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