What colour would you paint your future?

I take no credit for asking this. Stephen  asked me this in an email the other day. Interesting blog post from him today by the way

I was slightly surprised by the question and have no idea if I’ve answered as he expected or if I’ve gone off on a route of my own making having completely missed what he was asking!

However the first colour that came instantly into my mind was Gold!

Now I’m fine with painting my future working career Gold.  In fact the sooner I can start finding victims  I mean clients(!) and have a recognised Practice,  the sooner I can leave my full-time job!  Something I’m itching to do but can’t afford to do right now.  So that bit of my future is looking great – and has possibilities of being Gold.

As to the rest. Well at the moment I appear to have built a protective shell around me and I am barring other aspects of my life from my thoughts (mostly). 

Seeing Alex the other day did open up the wound rather.  Numb was quite a good feeling initially, then I allowed the barrier down and it’s been difficult to reconstruct.  I feel safer with the barrier up on that part of my life.  That doesn’t mean I’m pushing people away, it just means I need to protect myself from going off down another rabbit-hole!  My aim is to be able to think of it in terms of Gold though – with a hue of metallic pink!  – Come on I am girlie!!!. That’s my Intention!

So, dear reader, what colour would you paint your future

6 thoughts on “What colour would you paint your future?

  1. Ha, funny that when I saw your blog post, the first thing that came into my head was pink! Eugh…
    I’ve never been into pink, but it looks like I might be getting all conventional and ridiculous in my old age ;).
    Here’s to your golden pink future!

  2. Red. I choose red. It gives me energy. It looks good with my silver hair. It represents passion in all its forms.

    Isn’t it interesting what comes to the foreground of our thinking when asked a simple question. I’m sure “gold” will be somehow significant in your future–along with a bit of pink. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good day. I’m off to find a red t-shirt before heading out to shop for Easter “fixings.”

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