I’ve been Pad-ding about!

Sometimes a girl needs what a girl needs and this morning I decided a little retail therapy was what I needed!  Not that I haven’t been buying things over the past few weeks!

The thing is I’ve decided to give Amazon’s profits a rest for a few days and let them reflect that as I’ve now purchased 40 books from them ranging on such exciting topics as  NLP and Hypnosis  through to erudite tomes linked with psychology and the mind, they’ve done very well having me as a customer!  They should be giving me discounts!!

I also felt like giving the reading a rest this morning.  I’m about half-way through all the books!  There is only so much reading a girl can do and expect to remember what she’s read!

So I left the confines of my little house and Padded off to shop!  I’ve resisted the great Apple for sometime but my resistance has been wearing thin!  Today I caved in!  I’ve ordered, and paid for an IPad 3!  It arrives on Tuesday (the popularity of this product being so great they’d run out in the shop!).

What fun!  Clearly the expedition did me good as I came home and, at last,  began sorting through some of the boxes in my garage store.  I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve got!

7 thoughts on “I’ve been Pad-ding about!

  1. Amazon should send you a thank you note along with a BIG discount on your next 40 books.

    I will be interested in hearing how you like your iPad 3. I have not gone the way of the pad though lots of family members and friends have. Tell me if you find it really awesome. I might rethink it.

    I, too, am going through “stuff” again. I’ve got to the point that when someone tells me they like something I give it to them.

    • I’ll let you know!

      I’ve just lugged a bookcase from the store into my sitting room and unpacked 2 boxes of books which haven’t see the light of day for 14 months – it’s been lovely to find them again! Not that I’ve got time to read them! After all I owe it to myself to wade through all the books I’ve been buying from Amazon!

  2. I have the iPad 2, and I love it. There are things you can’t do on it, so it depends on what you want it for. There are lots of apps that help though. Amazon should definately at least give you a coupon 🙂

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  4. I am envious. An Ipad 3. That will be fun.

    COuld look to buy your books electronically. No need for bookcases or moving heavy boxes of books

    • I’m hoping so. Most of the books I’ve bought so far do not exactly have what I’d call universal appeal so aren’t available electronically (most written some time ago!!).

      But at least now when I do come across one I’ve inadvertently missed (which given the number I’ve already got seems to be stretching things somewhat!!!) and it’s electronic I’ll be on ‘a winner’!

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