Giving myself what I want – all the time!

One of the biggest problems in getting over what I’ve been through (and what I believe several of my readers are going through) is changing the unconscious behaviour that keeps giving me what my conscious mind thinks it wants!  Which, in my case, appears to be a hankering for the past.  Life Coaching addressed that in spades.  My problem is I still have a tendency, at times, to drift back to behaving as I did before.  And by that I mean my internal dialogue creeps up on me and scuppers me!!

I’m in the middle of reading “Frogs into Princes” – by John Grinder and Richard Bandler the NLP gurus, which is proving enlightening!  My quest for knowledge is continuous and completely absorbing – which still surprises me as this has NEVER been me before!!!

So I think one of the issues I have is that I haven’t got my new behaviour patterns quite right in all aspects of my life, so my unconscious is still, too frequently, triggering the old one in an attempt to give me what I think I want – and actually that’s no good ‘cos I can’t have it!

We covered some of this in the course and it hit a raw nerve so to speak!  Stephen (life coach) went over and over this with me – in masses of different ways!  So I’ve been given all the instruction and coaching I could possibly need.  It’s just there’s still something hidden away in some recess of my mind that keeps firing the opposite – and I wish it wouldn’t!

At least I now recognise when I’m doing it and I know, with an amazing certainty, that I need to dig-deep and allow my unconscious to come up with some other ideas!.

I realise to some of you this may seem a lot of mumbo jumbo and you could all be reading this thinking “OK!  She’s finally lost it – she’s flipped!!”  But I understand it!

Perhaps I should discuss with Stephen!  After all I am now so much more receptive to being coached and allowing myself to consider and be totally open to new choices.

Alternatively give myself a good dose of self-coaching!

Because I really do want to give myself what I want all the time rather than just most of it!

I want Tigger and Pooh Bear days all the time and no more Eeyore days!! (Which by the way I’m NOT having today!!).   I may be feeling a touch jaded having not got to bed until 1.00am –  after a very successful and fun dinner party chez moi – but I’m not feeling at all Eeyore’ish today!

8 thoughts on “Giving myself what I want – all the time!

  1. You’ve never seemed like an Eeyore to me…more like Tigger. 🙂

    It is so hard to changes years of behavior. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I still don’t know what I want. I think I’m getting better at figuring out what I don’t want, though. That’s a pretty good step, I guess.

    One of these days all this learning/training is going to click for you and you’ll wonder why you didn’t “get” it sooner. That’s my prediction. Keep on keeping on!

    • Ah!! Actually changing is the easy bit! It’s allowing oneself to change which is the harder part – well it has been for me.

      Our unconscious can continue to feed us what’s worked in the past and been so successful in getting us to ‘today’ until it’s offered new patterns which work better for ‘today’s’ situation. Once that clicks in things can change very rapidly.

      The training is clicking in – in as much as I can see the infinite possibilities and how successful they can be.

      I just need to find what it is that’s still causing my unconscious to ‘hang in there’ with this old pattern – sometimes!

  2. Mmm, nowadays I know exactly what you mean! And hope that you can finally pull out that last bit of unconscious weed soon. You’re probably halfway there already since you’ve put your finger on what was wrong.
    PS. Glad to hear your dinner party went well 🙂

  3. You sort of lost me somewhere along the way.

    Though I think I get it, well I probably don’t but am fooling my self in to thinking I do

  4. What you’ve got to realise is, no one is 100% happy all of the time.
    Just because a person listens to a tape that says ‘I am a good person, great things happen to me all of the time, I am loved etc etc’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll become this person.
    I’ve read and studied positive thinking books and I accept that if you focus on great things and happenings we tend to get more of that in our life. But the actual laws of the universe state that we have equal negetivity as well as positivity. One just does not exist without the other – and bad things aren’t always necessarily as bad as we think because, they help and mould us.. they make is grow as people.
    Maybe instead of pushing this black area out of your mind and soul – try and just embrace it for what it is.
    Everyone has some sort of grief lurking around inside of us, it’s natural and normal to have good and bad days. And even if there is a little unresolved sadness inside, then that’s ok too. Sometimes unresolved feelings linger for a reason and all the nlp, positive thinking and trickery in the world won’t shift them.
    Your head is saying one thing (which you’re forcing) and your heart is saying ‘look, I still have a few little niggling worries that need addressing – don’t forget me’
    You’ve come through a lot, just give it a bit of time.

    I find that the best thing to heal your heart is replacing it with something else. When the time is right for you try just dating again, nothing heavy, just an hour out with someone nice. You’d be surprised at how fast you can forget about someone when you’re thinking of someone new. The old person can soon lose their shine!

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