Stroking it…..

Stroking it isn’t making it work the way I want.

I caressed it lovingly through the first requests but I can’t get it to fall in love with my connection.  It keeps rejecting it and all the others available.  So I’ve covered it up and will play with it again tomorrow when we’re both feeling a bit more alert.  Maybe I need to be firmer with it!  Perhaps I just need more practice.

If all else fails I’ll have to find a man who knows how to turn it on and make it work better. That’s not strictly required as I can turn it on!

I do hope we’ll be friends soon.  I did say a while ago that perhaps I should get tuned into apple – and now I almost have!!


12 thoughts on “Stroking it…..

  1. Perhaps the tags are the bluff, to cover the real content of the blog.

    I hope that you get to grips with it very soon.

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

  2. The lovely man from BT had a go this morning but didn’t get anywhere! I had to dismiss him in the end!

    I think I may need my router updated! Either that or lower my firewall and reduce my protection!

    • If the BT man couldn’t do it, then you have a problem.

      Perhaps … and I hate to use actual technical talk here … you need to adjust your wireless router’s encryption. If you are using WEP and it offers nothing more advanced, you need a newer wireless router as WEP is no longer considered secure. That would also explain the presumed problems connecting from the iPad to the wireless router as the WEP Key is often stored in Hex (based 16) instead of easy-to-read normal letters/numbers but some software (like an iPad) doesn’t like this kind of Key. Alternatively, perhaps the Key you are using to connect to WPA / WPA2 is wrong — that is, you think it is ABCD but it is ABDC. To eliminate this possibility, change the WPA/WPA2 password to something new so you can be certain you’re typing it in correctly. Finally, type s-l-o-w-l-y. The password for my router is more than 25 characters long and if I am not r-e-a-l-l-y careful, I have to repeat it a lot of times to get it right when I add a new device.

      Hope this helps! If not, e-mail me with details that don’t involve stroking.. 🙂

      • I have WPA-PSK Security Encryption on the router! And WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] as a security option. The ipad accepts the password and then says unable to connect. The trouble is it doesn’t say why. I just get the option to ‘Dismiss’.

        I’m taking the ipad to work today to see if I can connect to the wifi there. That will highlight if it’s the router (which I rather suspect it is – given the amount of info I found on the web last night!)

        Thanks so much for you’re advice. xxx

        • The PSK simply means Pre-Shared Key, which is a Key that you share in advance (perhaps by writing it down!). The problem could arise from the TKIP, AES or TKIP+AES choice. If you can, set the encryption to use AES *only* and reboot the router (use the web interface to initiate this or unplug for 30 seconds).

          After you’ve set it for AES only and rebooted it, try again.

          If all else fails, switch off ALL security on the router (no WEP, no WPA2) and confirm the iPad can connect to the router. If so, now you know it’s just the security settings and not a router fault. Switch on WPA-PSK with a short key (8 characters: 12345678) and test it again. Still connecting? Good, now try more advanced settings until you have all you need. Baby steps…

          • Sadly AES only is not an option. I tried it with no security and no joy either. I’ve now rung BT and they’re sending me a swanky new router (at a cost but minimal!!). So for now I can only play on line with my ipad at work or if I visit someone!!

            But at least I’ve now got past the set up stage so I can do other things – when I’ve found out how!!!

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