A germ of an idea for helping others

This post has been sparked by  this post from DFB a couple of days ago.

When I started this blog 2 years ago I had two main objectives!

  1. to give me a place where I could rant and rage against what I was going through!  A place where I could write myself out of my own personal hell and then beyond!
  2. The other to give others information on what I’d found through my relentless search for help.  What I’d found helpful and what I’d found that hadn’t!

So to this end  this is my suggestion

If you would like become part of a global  network of help then please can you add a page to your blog called, I suggest, “Things that Help”  or something of that nature and then put on that page all the things you’ve found.  Including, if you want,  the name of specific therapists etc.

I am  going to invite my life coach to add a paragraph to my blog if he would like.

This way we can help others all round the world with as much concentrated information as we can muster.

All we then have to do is to add, say, another page called “Global Help” and list there all the blogs which are doing this and we can all link together.

Let’s go for it everyone.  We have a huge and valuable amount of information between us – let’s share it.

I think this is important stuff so let me know what you think!  Please do comment.

4 thoughts on “A germ of an idea for helping others

  1. Oh how exciting, what a great idea – I’m in. Will get to this asap. I will pop back and check out your page so that I know that I’m doing the right kind of thing and will flag up your post so that others who read my blog may want to pop by and join in too. Your a star – thank you for this.

    • Well my aim is to link blogs together where positive help can be found. But as each blogger can create their own Global Help Link page and Informaton page then that’s down to each blogger to add as they see fit.

      We are all unique and have faced our traumas in unique ways which is what makes the linking so good as what will have helped one person won’t necessarily have helped someone else but by linking we can offer so much

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