The launch of Global Help

So as one who isn’t known for letting the grass grow beneath her feet I’ve just launched Global Help.

This idea is open to any blogger who wants to join!  The only requirements are:

  •  you create a Global Help Links page and add there anything you think would help others.
  • Any professional site you link to should not be paying you (in my view)
  • You categorise the type of help offered.  I’ve started with one category – Relationship breakdown but there are lots I intend to add which will link with other blogs I currently read (if they come on board with the idea!!)
  • I also believe it is worth adding a personal “Things that help(ed) page” for those who are or have been through some sort of traumatic experience.  On mine I have a list of books I found useful and other ‘tricks’ I found using in the various emotional stages I went through. What people put on their pages is clearly down to them.  We are all unique and so have unique ways of dealing with ‘stuff’. So over to you my great friends and readers. 

    Clearly for those who just want to link there is no need to add this page!!

As I said in my earlier post today we have a wealth of ideas and information between us and by linking together we can share and so offer help to others who may be floundering around searching.


8 thoughts on “The launch of Global Help

  1. Hi Caroline,

    I would love to participate!! Although my page would probably focus more around depression, chronic pain and surgery. I love the idea though! My other blog was started with something like this in mind. I couldn’t find a resource anywhere, other than horror stories, about what it is actually like to go through a spinal fusion. It has always been my hope that someone somewhere will benefit from that blog.

    You are such an inventive and loving person. I think I have now placed you in the category of everyday hero. (I say everyday to remove the pressure of being called a hero 😉 )
    xoxo – S

    • The links are what you make of them. After all dealing with emotional issues is the same never mind what caused them in the first place.

      As you will see I’ve just added Mature Student as a link. She has links to other subjects.

      The sky’s the limit on how we link and what we choose to offer up.

      The more who participate the better.

      Good luck

  2. I would love to help but apart from not knowing how to do links I’m not sure what I could contribute although any suggestions are welcome. Good for you for showing this initiative by the way

    • There will be one as soon as I get the site built! I’ve paid for the domain names it’s just a question of logo and then building it.

      I know! I just need to get on with it!

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