It’s Monday!!

Great start to the day and just as well I start early!!  Arrived to a certain level of organised chaos with the run-up to the Company Innovation Day on Wednesday!

The A0 printer has broken down.

we still have 10 posters to print .

My graphics girl who has remained calm over the last 3 weeks, under severe pressure,has gone into panic mode.

The window cleaners haven’t turned up.

The extra furniture is being delivered and the delivery man is in a rage.

The post girl is off sick with gout

Someone has chipped the new paintwork

And it’s only 8.20am.

So I’ve calmed the graphics girl by giving her a deep slow breathing exercise. In for a fast count of 7 and out, slowly, for a longer count to 11. Repeat 3 times. She’s now calmer!
I’m now going to go and passify the delviery driver, find out where the window cleaners are, find some paint……….

 8.50am update

The printer is now working – fixed by one of my staff

I’ve got some help for the delivery man who is now smiling

I’ve got the cleaning firm hunting down the window cleaners

The shifters are whizzing round shifting stuff to whatever locations we want

The groundsmen are litter picking

The post girl has appeared – well done her

My handyman is marching round with a paint brush and paint

More people are smiling and an air of calm but busy is now pervading the place

12.30 Update

The window cleaners are working hard. 

The posters are printed.

Catering have calmed down from last week’s panic when their Catering firm cancelled some of their extra staff for Wednesday – that’s until I put my foot down and demanded they were re-instated!!

Cleaning are due on site for a site check in an hour.

Now all I have to do is resolve why the Finance overnight update failed, rewrite the SQL DTS package which has apparently been failing for months, make sure BT turn up to finalise the new broadband line for the visitors on Wednesday, listen to the MD who seems to have ‘gone off on a tangent’…………

Oh yes and cheer up the Receptionist who hates change and doesn’t like anything that’s going on at all and is whingeing to anyone within earshot!…..  What joy!

Enjoy your day everyone!

6 thoughts on “It’s Monday!!

  1. Sounds like your blood’s a-pumping. I hope things calm down for the rest of the day. It would be difficult to sustain that level all day. I’m guessing you’ll pull it all together by Wednesday. Good luck!

  2. In the style of twelve days of Christmas…

    One printer broken
    Ten posters a printing
    Three graphics girl a gasping
    Four post girl gone missing
    Five paint chippy chipping
    Seven groundsmen litter picking

    … eighttt twentyy amMM!

    oh a handyman is marching
    with lots of people smiling
    .. and a receptionist that shouldn’t be therrrre!

    Ha! couldn’t resist. Hope the rest of the day is less eventful ! ;O)

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