How interesting internet dating isn’t

So a brief update on my inactivity in the internet dating world.

I’ve now cancelled my sub to eharmony as it runs out in 4 days time and I had zero responses! And I do mean ZERO!  In the entire 8 months I was on the site.  Those I contacted either didn’t respond for ‘fizzled out’ fairly quickly.

That leaves me with the Telegraph site.  The supposedly interested party of last weekend – the one who gave me his phone number twice in a fairly upbeat exchange of messages last weekend has now removed his profile from public view and has not contacted me again.  So clearly is consigned to the waste-bin!!

I shall wait developments.  But I shan’t be holding my breath!!!

I’m beginning to think this method of meeting people isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!!!

I shall get myself a cat and take up tatting!! Let my hair go grey (which doesn’t suit me) wear wrinkly tights, ill fitting skirts and old cardigans……


9 thoughts on “How interesting internet dating isn’t

  1. Don’t give up.
    Perhaps you could try re-writing your profile ‘the bit about you’ section.
    I have experience writing these type of things and know how to make a woman sound fun, interesting and desirable.
    With all the good intent in the world sometimes we can come across as not attractive as we truly are.
    Your ‘about me’ should ideally be a short paragraph, highlighting all your positives – making you sound fun, friendly and easy to be with. It wants to be light and quick.
    When I say this, I say it in general (not specifically to you or to upset) but it’s best not to
    mention anything ‘heavy’ Nothing in there about ‘long term’ ‘company’ ‘being divorced’ ‘your work or home’
    Make it sound like you have a slot for one night a week where you’d like to try someplace new. Like your life is already brimming over, but you feel like you need more ‘fun’ Men respond more to phrases that have zero commitment in them, so anything light, funny, jokey, seemingly spontaneous and a bit kooky will work better. Think about your photo, too. That bit is the most important. You should look happy, yet not cheesy. It shouldn’t look office-y. Maybe even get someone to take it for you after a new hair cut and after applying expensive make-up.
    Avon, supermarket/drugstore, rimmel (get rid of all that) and apply quality which takes years off a woman. Clinique foundation (their air brush concealer especially) is the best at making your skin look good, even better in photographs. And let’s face it, you just need to one photo and the date.
    I bet you could do it. I really want you to try again and win this time (you can try just for fun by not subscribing and see if you have any more replies)
    And if that fails, then there’s always other options and routes… always is. Visualise being asked! I’m not kidding either 🙂

  2. Don’t give up. I met my wonderful husband on the net. Never intended it but there you go. He truly is my soul mate. I lived twenty years with a man who was not all suited to me and near the end I would go to sleep and hope never to wake up. It was a terrible strain and I look back and wonder how I ever did it. Obviously there is a lot more to not being suited and it was not a good marriage. It took me over ten years to leave and those first few years were dire. Then along came Andrew. Truly the best thing to happen to me. Late, but better late than never.
    Best of luck. Never give up…

  3. Stop looking! Let suitable candidates present themselves to you when you least expect them. Don’t bother with the internet, and remove that source of stress, however slight it might be. Concentrate on on your career for now. After all, you wouldn’t want that to be muddied by preoccupation with potential suitors, especially if they fail to deliver…

  4. I don’t know whether it’s true, but I’ve always heard that “things will change (in a positive way) when you least expect it.” I hope that will be true for you.

  5. Yeah, I’ve heard all thse clichés before about good things coming to those who wait, or when you least expect them… But I reckon there’s only so long you can just wait it out. And what if it doesn’t come?
    Good luck Caroline, it will eventually work out.

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