I shall be carrying a pineapple!

Or more stories from my earlier dating experiences!

Back then – ah those heady days when the dating organisations never dished out anything as sensible as a photo – you’d roll up at the rendezvous with not a single clue on who the hell you were looking for!

I always had a burning ambition to say I’d carry a pineapple and wear something distinctive. What the hell I’d have done with the pineapple after, as it were, being located, I’ve no idea!  I suppose we could have always eaten it!  A sort of ice-breaker moment!

One dating agency kindly suggested I dated a cousin of mine who was also on their books – despite both of us telling them we were related!  Actually he had a lot more success than me as he met his future wife through it (and they’re still happily together!).  So I do know it can work!

There was the guy who told me he’d just been released from a mental hospital!  Not a good moment!  The one who told me over coffee one Saturday morning that he was into guns – just after there had been a horrendous shooting incident not very far away when a mother and her children had been killed!  I left both of those in what can only be described as a hurry!  But there were some genuinely lovely dates who treated me well, and took me on great evenings out – one even got me a job where he worked!  It’s just I didn’t really fancy any of them!!

So for now I await to be chased and until then I shall remain chaste!  And eat pineapple!

13 thoughts on “I shall be carrying a pineapple!

  1. So where in all of this did you meet your ex husband? I’m guessing that wasn’t a dating agency, and if not, then obviously there IS other better ways.
    I like the pineapple idea, atleast you can throw it at someone you don’t like the look of!

  2. That’s the spirit, both of you! Maybe you could use the pineapple as a ploy. Always carry one with you, then when you see someone you fancy, gently roll it along to his feet. Two heads meeting as they stoop to retrieve the obliging, and unmissable, culprit?

  3. Have a small suggestion for you on how to size up a ‘maybe date’. Start hanging with your friends and family more and help them out when they ask. That’s how I met my husband that I’ve been happily married to for over 20 years. I was just helping my brother out.

    Having coffee or tea someplace during light-time hours is harmless and an easy to size a person up. You should stick with that approach if you ask me.

    • I do masses of ‘hanging out’ with friends etc!

      As for my brothers! Ha another story! We are keeping clear of each other at the moment! All in the archives of this blog! But thanks for the suggestion!

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